How Can You Develop Your Email Marketing Strategies?

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Do you clean your email list on a regular basis? Verifying your email list before you start a campaign is of extreme importance. Writing emails to your customers and designing exclusive templates for your email will completely go in vain if your email is not delivered to the required address. Invalid emails and hard bounces can cause a huge blow to your email marketing strategy. Even 1% bad emails can have a huge impact on your business. You can even get blacklisted permanently. So, you need to validate your email list on a regular basis.

We are a very popular company who will help you in email validation. We will make sure that every email you deliver reaches the right inbox. We provide 99% accurate and reliable solutions to make sure that all your emails get the right inbox. We can contact us for any kind of email validation services.

What are our chief functions?

Protecting your email campaigns by removing toxic mails: We will clean up your email list by removing spam traps, hard bounces and fake emails. We will use various integrations to import or upload your email list. We will clean your emails regularly so that you are able to hit the send button with 100% confidence.

Real-time email verification: The real-time email list verification service is extremely valuable. You will be able to verify the delivery of your email address before you send it to a particular user. We use email list error validation API for refining your email list. We apply high-level algorithms to check the entry point of emails. Only valid emails will go to the database of your customers.

Few of our popular tools

  • Email duplication: We will help you to remove all kinds of duplicate emails that you might have in your database.
  • Spam trap removal: We will help you to remove all sketchy emails from your email list. This will protect you from spam tracklist validators. 
  • Risk validator: We will scan your emails for shady TDLs and high-risk keywords.
  • MTA validations: We will check whether the mail transfer agent contains a valid MX record or not.
  • Domain Validation: We will remove all kinds of invalid domains from your email list. This will prevent invalid emails from invading your inbox.
  • Complainers verify: We will eliminate those email addresses which match the complainers database.
  • Syntax verifier: We will also remove invalid syntaxes immediately. This will help you to eliminate undeliverable emails.
  • Disposable email checker: We will identify free email accounts which are actually masking real email addresses.
  • Team account: We will help you to add team members for collaboration purposes.
  • Anti-greylisting tech: If any email addresses encounter greylisting, we will try to validate those emails. As a result, only a few emails will be marked as unknown in your list.

Why should you choose us?

  • We provide 99% accurate results. As soon as our validate email list verifies your list, we will start working on your email list. You will not have to worry about email delivery. Our algorithm removes all invalid and spam emails and helps you to create a valid list.
  • We will help you in improving your email campaigns by making sure that all your emails reach the customers’ inbox. In this way, your email opening rate and click-through rate will increase. Your customer conversion rate will also start going up.
  • All your data will be protected by high level encryption. None of your data will be misused or lost. We are also the GDPR complaint.

So, opt for our services and create an excellent email list for your company. For any queries regarding any of our services, you may contact us.