How Much CBD Oil Dosage Do You Need for Anxiety

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CBD oil for medicinal purposes has become very popular in America. According to a study by Consumer Reports, about 22 percent of CBD users use the product to supplement or in exchange for a prescription. The product is also used to substitute or supplement over-the-counter drugs. However, certain measures are put in place before prescribing CBD products. For instance, doctors have a certain CBD oil dosage for anxiety that varies from one patient to the other.

Working Out the Correct Quantity for You

  • The quantity of CBD you ought to take is determined by several factors like:
  • The level of anxiety you are treating
  • Your weight
  • The accumulation of CBD in every capsule, drop, pill, or gummy you are taking
  • Your body chemistry

These variables are crucial. Therefore, you are advised to visit your doctor so that he will prescribe the accurate dose for you.  It is important for you not to keep any information from your doctor to prescription of the wrong amount.  Ensure that you discuss any potential risks with the doctor. You are recommended to follow your doctor’s prescription to the letter to rule out risks.

There are some side effects associated with the incorrect dose of CBD oil like; diarrhea, fatigue, alteration in weight, and intensification or decrease in appetite.  If your doctor does not recommend a prescription, you are advised to begin with a lesser dosage. Progressively, you can add the dosage. For instance, you can start with 20 mg to 30 mg per day and increase the amount by 5 mg per week till the treatment is effective.

How to Calculate the Right CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety

In several CBD products like capsules, gummies, and pills, the dose in one serving is indicated. For example, in a CBD capsule bottle, there might be an indication that every capsule contains 5 mg. There are CBD oils that are packed in a dropper bottle. The package ought to stipulate the amount of the product is in one drop. You can then calculate the number of drops you need as per your doctor’s prescription.

Sometimes, the package indicates the total quantity of CBD on the entire bottle and not per drop. This can make it hard for you to define the quantity of CBD in a solo drop. In most cases, one drop contains 0.05 milliliters of CBD. In this case, there are about 200 drops in a bottle containing 10 milliliters. In a 10 mL bottle containing 1,000 mg, a drop is 5 mg of the product. However, you need to seek a doctor’s reference first before using CBD oil.

CBD oil has proven to be of great use in treating medical conditions like anxiety and chronic pain. However, you need to look for a doctor’s approval on CBD oil dosage for anxiety.  If you are looking for quality and certified CBD oil products, contact at Our company is dedicated to providing you with assortments of premium CBD of high quality. We deal in CBD isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD. Our products are handcrafted and comprise of the finest natural ingredients.