How significant is it to have an online presence with a furniture business

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As we approach 2020 it seems clear that without an online presence you’re likely to achieve success or recognition in the business world. This is particularly significant with businesses that wouldn’t necessarily be associated with the digital space. However, as we progress towards a more digital age it’s important to discuss how the requirement of strong online presence has developed over the years and why it’s crucial for such businesses to take a digital approach. In particular, the furniture industry.

The success of e-commerce in digital

In essence, one of the main reasons why so many businesses have had to force their hand away from the more traditional approach to business strategies is due to the successful influence that digital marketing strategies have had on e-commerce businesses. Despite being a competitive sector, having the ability to optimise products such as designer sofa or luxury coffee tables online via specific digital strategies has helped businesses to improve their income dramatically. E-commerce website layouts also provide an ease for users who are able to take advantage of services such as delivery or ‘click and connect’ .

Organic vs Paid

A continuing battle that occurs within the digital sector is deciding to choose paid or organic channels to increase income. Paid channels involves creating paid social and PPC ads to promote your brand and certain products. This tends to be a more common form of channel that furniture stores tend to use as it’s easy to suggest that selling furniture is much more difficult to sell compared to an item of clothing. However, optimising your furniture business through SEO can help to generate high quality traffic to the site for a long period, whilst also providing an appealing ROI margin.

The importance of brand awareness

For small businesses in particular, projecting your brand is important as you look to grow your customer base as much as possible. Considering the number of online users we have today, it’s important that businesses have an online presence so they can easily be found for potential customers. There are also many digital methods that can improve your brand awareness to increase your potential success.

Final conclusions

As marketing trends involve, the furniture industry is continuing to adapt towards this approach. Understanding its progression in the first initial steps will provide better acknowledgement for its future. What we can say at this stage is that it’s increasingly likely that the furniture industry will move towards a more digital structure.