What Is MLA Format And How To Use It

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Have you ever heard of the MLA format? The MLA style, along with the APA style is one of the most well-known academic paper formats. If you need to organize your paper in the  MLA format, you should know its key features.

General info

Why is it called the MLA style? The format was created by the Modern Language Association. Its research areas are centered on literature and language, that’s exactly why the MLA format is used primarily in humanities. Nowadays, it is impossible to be a good academic writer without a deep understanding of MLA. Using the MLA formatting accurately makes it easier for readers to navigate through academic texts. It gives familiar points referring to borrowed information and sources.

What is MLA citing?

The MLA style aims to systematize the way scholars cite the sources. It is essential to give credit to the authors if you use information from other people’s works. It should be done through citations throughout the text and summarized in a reference list.

In-text citations in MLA format

If you need to cite a book or an article, use parenthetical citation. It means you should indicate the last name and the number of the page. If you have a source without authorship, do the same. In this case, the title of the source is a substitute for the name of the author.

MLA upgrades

You can find the most recent version of the MLA style in the 8th edition. What is new in comparison to previous guidelines? Authors should use one format for all sources, regardless of the type. Now, using MLA is even simpler.

Whatever you are writing for academic purposes, there are some MLA conventions you should follow.

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