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Are you ready to begin the next chapter of your life and be an entrepreneur, so here’s a guide for you? There are many reasons you can say entrepreneurship is very attractive. If you want to make a move slide different then and it’s the right time for you to start a business, but there are some steps you must know.

Create a business plan.

A good successful business plan is made on a paper first that will be telling your business goals and steps that you have to achieve for that goal. This paper also includes a marketing strategy, the budget and financial projections, and milestones you have to do.

Take the example of Bardya Ziaian of how he just made success in this world of entrepreneurship. Just to be a good entrepreneur, you have to set your company mission, your vision, and long term and short term goals. First, you made this kind of strategic plan for your business then the output of your work will be better, and this guide will help you to grow your startup

Raise money.

Now when you have set your business goal and the vision, the next step is to raise some outside money e to maintain the cash flow and few will get to the next level, when you are done all that before it will be easy for you to collect the money for this stage once you are more polished and ready to work. This step will be helping you to target the next milestone easily so you can make money even more after.

Start with a minimum viable product (MVP)

The most initial and basic version of your tool or service is called an MVP. This product is functional enough to get your first customers and have a sense of what you have more to do.

For example, if you want to create an app for high school students to connect with virtual tutors. You initially may create the simplest version then and invite manually to join your platform online. 

Then you post the link to the app on the local university or college Facebook page. When you get a high number of sign-ups, then you should have to move forward. If you don’t get any, then you should rethink the idea about your business.

Smart starting is starting with the minimal MVP will be ee cost you low and allows the room for growth as a product continues to be validated. Bardya Ziaian started his venture in Toronto first, but now she is everywhere in Canada.

Show Accountability.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy because you have to forget about them in the system and all the people around you. When the situation slips, you don’t have to blame yourself, but it’s your responsibility.Bardya Ziaian is an example where he creates opportunities for a macroeconomist.

Being accountable means you are showing up and doing the right work, knowing the fact that you can rely on yourself. Whenever you fail, you have to understand what makes it a failure and where you succeed, you have to celebrate it too.

Be resilient

Stepping into this intrapreneurial world is not easy; you have to pass many obstacles. But if you have a passion, then it doesn’t matter.

You have to learn to handle failure as an inevitable part of life and build up a successful business. Bardya Ziaian  is an example of how he stands from zero.

If you fail a hundred times, you have to stand a hundred and first.


Take this advice and use it to your repeat in your success. Start your business and expand it into the new market. Now strategically acquire other companies, increase your chances of hiring, and allow you toward a profit.