How To Prepare Your Utah Salon For Reopening Through A Pandemic

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Across the state of Utah, Salons and barbershops are beginning to reopen their doors after the coronavirus lock-downs. And because true social distancing is not possible in this industry, these small local business owners must think carefully about keeping their employees and their clients safe.

To help our local community, we have compiled a list of helpful tips for opening your Utah salon or barbershop through the pandemic.

Vital Ways to Prepare for Reopening your Hair Salon or Baber Shop in Utah

Clean & Disinfect

Before reopening your salon, be sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces, linens, and equipment. Use only disinfectants have effectively tested against the coronavirus and that are approved by the EPA. If, by chance, you have furniture that you cannot disinfect, then consider removing it or using plastic covers.

Know Local Guidelines and Safety for COVID-19

Read your local guidelines for reopening and make a list of safety procedures you plan on implements and how you may need to rearrange your space. Depending on your location, this could include city/county guidelines. Here are some resources that may help

Get Your Salon Ready for Social Distancing

Rearrange the layout of your salon space as needed with social distancing guidelines in mind. This may mean removing furniture, using tape, or installing dividers to set clear spacing guides and remove high touch items such as magazines or style books.

New Plan For Health & Safety

Ensure you record all-new safety protocols, including who will be held responsible for managing them, how staff should be carrying them out, and the amount they should occur. Don’t forget items you’ll need to keep in inventory for safety protocols.

Salon Staff Preparation

Ensure you train your staff on the new safety protocols, including procedures for communicating them to their clients. Make sure all staff understand their personal responsibilities and when and how often to perform them.

Communicate Your New Salon Guidelines To Clients

Create a plan for how you plan to communicate this new information to your clients, encourage them to return for services, and understand what expectations they should have with all the new changes. Email, Newsletters, Social Media, or direct communication through text and phone calls are great ways to reach out. Clearly communicate to your clients these new protocols and assure them they are implemented for their and your staff’s safety. Consider adding this message to your website so it is easy to find.

Bloom Studios has successfully reopened their highly-rated hair salon in Utah and adheres to all safety precautions and regulations set out by the state of Utah and Federal Government.