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How to rent light towers for your construction site?

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Houston is known for its shopping, Space Center and many other things. It has a rich culture and some lovely trails. Hence, many of them look forward to investing in this large metropolis. What’s more, some of the best construction companies work for Houston. It is popular for its architectural features. So, if you have a site ready for construction and development, you must bring light towers for the night. You can find companies providing Construction Site Light Tower Rental in Houston, TX. Although there might be a significant number of companies with great light towers, you will have to choose the best. And it is much more affordable to rent rather than purchase. So, you can attain some tips and rent light towers for your construction site in this article below.

  1. Various types of lamps: The types of lamps can differ from LED lamps and metal halides. Although lamps with metal halide might be affordable, they need more power to run for a prolonged time. That’s not all; it can take up to five minutes to reach their brightness level. When it comes to LED lamps, they are incredibly exorbitant to purchase. The operation cost of the LED lamps is less. What makes the LED lamps different is that they can last longer in the wind, snow and rain. They are considerably bright and popular for light towers. Also, they can illuminate specific areas of the construction site and achieve full brightness with the LED’s concentrated light.
  2. Space of the construction site: When you decide to rent the light towers, the company might want to know the space of the construction site. Some sites can be smaller, whereas others can be larger. So, you will have to let them know the construction site space where you will be working. A smaller space won’t require a much brighter light, whereas a more prominent space might need it. Since every construction site is different, you might consider a few factors. For instance, a large construction site needs ten-foot candles to brighten up the area at night, whereas a small construction site requires five-foot candles. Whatever your requirements might be, you must ensure to purchase a light tower that rotates at approximately 360 degrees and reaches a height of at least 20 feet. If you are looking for some generic or basic light towers, you must make sure they meet the above requirements.
  3. The mobility or transportability: Renting a stationery lighting tower can give you a decent experience but not a great one. After all, you will need another equipment or vehicle to carry the stationery lighting tower every time in different sites. Also, you might require storing space or a protective canopy for the light tower. Although mobile lighting towers can be protected with a roof, you don’t have to put much effort to transport them from one place to another. You can efficiently and easily do that and protect it on your construction site because of the wheels at the bottom. Additionally, you don’t require a large truck to carry and protect the light tower.
  4. The fuel capacity: You must consider the fuel capacity of light towers in various construction sites. You can ask the company providing services like Construction Site Light Tower Rental in Houston, TX, about the capacity of the fuel. If you want to decrease a few fuel trips, you might require additional fuel tanks. You can also look for electric-powered light towers powered by generators and run off of fuel.
  5. Cost: If you don’t want to spend an arm or leg buying the light tower, you can rent it easily. Many rental companies provide their services at an affordable cost and offer low maintenance. Some of them provide low-quality light towers at a low price. So, when you purchase, you must always ensure the quality. Additionally, you can get the best rental lighting towers at a reasonable price.