How to Stay the Course with a Golf Launch Monitor

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Golf is a very technical sport, and players constantly search for ways in which to improve their overall performance. Golf training aids on the market today include gadgets and gizmos designed to improve everything from a golfer’s swing to wrist action and from balance to posture.

One such aid is a golf launch monitor, an electronic device designed to help golfers understand what happens when they hit a golf ball with a golf club.

With either doppler radar technology or camera technology, a launch monitor tracks the flight of a ball while sitting behind the golfer as they take their shot. Which technology a player uses depends on their preference.

Using the Doppler Effect principle, a launch monitor utilizing radar technology will solely track the ball’s flight path and presume the club head movement data.

Camera technology, on the other hand, purely tracks the club’s movement and ball data at impact. Opposite to radar monitors, the software in camera technology-driven monitors presumes the ball data.

The data that these monitors collect is not only accurate, but they provide useful information about a player’s performance in a number of areas. What data do they provide?

Generally speaking, a golf launch monitor can measure:

  • Swing Data
    • speed
    • path
    • swing plane
    • swing direction
    • attack angle
  • Ball Data
    • ball speed
    • launch angle
    • launch direction
    • spin rate
    • side
    • landing angle
    • hang time

With this product, golfers are not only sure to improve their overall performance, but to remain consistent as well.

Examples of available products include:

  • SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor
  • Rapsodo MLM Launch Monitor
  • Mevo Flightscope Launch Monitor
  • Voice Caddie SC200 Plus
  • Ernest Sports ES12 Portable Launch Monitor

Due to their easy interface, accuracy, and ability to deliver instant results, these five products were on 2020’s top five launch monitors list published by Golfspan.com. However, there are five things to consider before purchasing a launch monitor: type of usage, parameters, accuracy, features, and budget.

It’s important to research and know what a launch monitor can and can’t do before purchasing it. Some monitors are for outdoor use only and won’t be any good with and indoor simulator. What key metrics does the monitor measure? Most golfers who use monitors want data like distance, spin rate, and ball speed. Some of the cheaper monitors out there won’t be as accurate and reliable as some of the more expensive ones. That’s why it’s important to read the reviews and do thorough research to make sure you’re purchasing a monitor that will deliver reliable accuracy. How does the monitor store and display results? Does it fit in your budget? These are all important things to consider before purchasing a launch monitor.