Should I use a California registered agent service?

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When setting up an LLC for your business, there are a few steps that you have to go through first; such as coming up with a unique name, then you have to hire a registered agent, as well as File an Organisation, then create an LLC operating agreement and lastly get an EIN. However, what you have to think about thoroughly is whether you want to hire a registered agent service or not and which state you want to hire them from.

There are a bunch of pros and very little cons for each registered agent you should hire, depending on the state that you choose. Which brings a certain question into light: ‘Should I use a California registered agent service?’ Here is some advice in order to help you decide.

What can a California registered agent service offer me?

First of all, if you are not a registered citizen in California it is okay because your personal or business address will still stay private, since it is the registered agent’s address that will be on public record. 

They are also subtle if you ever get served, since they have a system to discreetly notify you if you have been filed a lawsuit, which saves you any embarrassment of it happening in front of your friends, family or peers.

If you do go for a registered agent service in California, another benefit is that they can help you expand your business, by being able to continue a service for you and have the paperwork ready for you.

When you do have a registered agent, they hold the responsibility of taking care of your legal paperwork and taxes. They can also help sort out your lawsuits, byt protecting your business reputation and assets.

How can I elect a California registered agent?

There are two ways of being able to elect a California registered agent; by either doing it online or through mail. If you do it online, you would need to do it through the California of State website and pay a fee of $70. Whereas, if you do it by mail, you need to download the form from the Articles of Organisation and pay a fee of $70, as well as an additional fee of $15.

What happens if I want to change my California registered agent?

First of all, there is no fee to change the registered agent. Secondly, you can change your California registered agent by going on the State of California website and updating your information there. You have to make sure that when you do update your information, that you have consent from the registered agent.

What else should I consider when I hire a California registered agent?

It is pricier to hire a California registered agent in comparison to other states, however, you are paying for the quality of the service. It is beneficial to get a registered agent, because they can take a load of weight off your shoulders, when it comes to all the paperwork and tax filing.

Not only that, but when having a registered agent they help shield you from the liability as a business owner from the company, even if your company is getting sued. If you are especially inexperienced as a business owner and it is your first time starting it up, it is best to get as much help and guidance as you can; instead of representing yourself as a registered agent.

If you choose to represent yourself as a california registered agent, then you need to be 18 and over, have a physical address in California, as well as be able to work normal working hours. You do need to consider the fact that if you do represent yourself, you will also be served in front of your family, friends and peers. Before you make any drastic decisions, you need to weigh out both options first.