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Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer with Motorized Patio Screens

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As the summer sun hits its peak, many people are seeing elevated inside temperatures. It may be because they have nothing to shade their home from the heat of the sun. Instead of suffering from either high internal temperatures or exorbitant cooling bills, many are looking for options to help cool their homes.

Some have found the best solution of all. Motorized patio screens. There is a wide range of reasons why motorized patio screens are popular by homeowners not just in hot areas but in all climates.

The Best Reasons to Install Motorized Patio Screens:

There are many reasons why homeowners install retractable patio screens in their outdoor areas. Here are just some of the benefits per PatioComfy.com.

  • Retractable patio screens are out of sight when not being used, sp the owner can enjoy nature without obstructions.
  • Because there are so many styles and colors, they can be added as a touch of style to enhance the home, patio, and porch.
  • They create a barrier between the homeowner and flying bugs like mosquitoes, gnats, and flies.
  • They can control the amount of sun entering the enclosed area.
  • Retractable patio screens can help reduce energy bills, lowering them in the hot summer and help to retain heat in the cooler months.
  • Retractable patio screens can increase the value of your property
  • It can also help keep pets contained on your porch or deck.

There are also a few “cons” to consider:

  • Retractable patio screens can be expensive to install compared to other types of screen options.
  • They may be a safety hazard for small children and pets if they try to force the screens open.
  • Most people do not use propane heaters on a deck with motorized patio screens so heating choices may be limited.

Different Types of Motorized Patio Screens:

Today, there is a patio screen made for just about any need. They are no longer just functional, but designed to fit in with the homes’ décor and have a purpose.

Some of the different types of screens include:

  • Sun Control Screens: These screens manage the amount of light entering your patio or porch areas. They also keep bugs away and protect your furniture from UV rays. They can help cool down the patio in the heat of summer, which can be reflected in lower utility bills.
  • Pet-Resistant Screens: Pet-resistant motorized screens is a smart idea for pet owners. Pet-resistant screens are made from strong materials that can withstand the impact that an active dog may put to the test. Standard screens are not as strong and easily damaged.
  • Prefabricated Screen Panels: Prefabricated screens are very strong and made of weathered steel, powder-coated aluminum, and even wood. They have an elegant appearance with decorative panels to add some design features and an added level of privacy.

One of the best things about motorized patio screens is that they can expand your outside enjoyment. Furnishings are protected, and it can seem like there is an extension on the house because there is so much more usable space.