What is an eco ATM?  

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What is ecoATM?,” you may ask. EcoATM is a device that provides consumers with a new approach to selling used electronic devices and phones. With the advent of technological developments each year, there are upgrades to mobile phones, computers, and televisions. As a result, the majority of the versions of the devices are considered obsolete in relation to technology.

The ecoATM is a waste recycling approach that is easy and efficient to use. The machines facilitate the swapping of old mobile phones for a currency preferred by clients. The currency can be in the form of gift certificates or cash that you can carry around. An ecoATM is an automated kiosk that incorporates a self-service system to buy MP3 players, tablets, and mobile phones. The system mainly exchanges the devices for cash.

How does an ecoATM work?

The kiosk works through a few steps that do not waste much of your time. The ecoATM assesses the external condition of your device and then inspects the internal features when connected to a cable. The machine processes the details to provide the consumer a price quote, after which there is a cash payout.

The ecoATM machines are designed to evaluate many varying device types. Technology has proven to be effective and an award-winning innovation. Old electronic devices such as mobile phones are mostly disposed of in ways that harm the environment. The kiosk has made the disposal process eco-friendly and safer.

Business-wise, ecoATM makes money from the devices and phones collected. The kiosk adopts a global auction approach to give clients competitive prices depending on the model and the status of the device for resale. Most of the devices collected can be used similar to the previous way it was used before reselling. The machine sells the devices to resellers, insurance firms, or refurbishers. The ecoATM machines bring convenience and instant cash incentives. The kiosks make a sustainable enterprise that benefits the customers significantly.

To a huge extent, electronics are disposable. As per previous research and reports, very few people consider the proper recycling of discarded electronic devices such as mobile phones. Many mobile phone owners do not know ways in which old devices can be recycled. Due to the need to dispose of older versions resulting from the release of new models, there is the likelihood of many electronics lying idle at home being recycled. With this, efforts have been diverted to publicizing the recycling process.