Know The Legal Documents Required With Pawnbroker Adelaide

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With the changing times, it has become very important for people to have proper identity proof so that they are able to do anything. There are many pawn shops, which are reputed like the Adelaide pawnshop and others where people visit to sell something in exchange of some cash or for a loan. The pawnbroker Adelaide has made it mandatory for people who are willing to sell their things in any pawn shop in Adelaide to have a proper identity card.

The documentation

Otherwise, they will not be able to take a loan of the required amount. Identity proof of a person is important as it tells the other person about the person in question. It provides all the details about him like his address, phone number, personal information, history, background, and almost everything.

Why is identity proof necessary?

Since identity proof is so important many pawn Shop ask their sellers to provide their identity card so that their information can be recorded and it can be checked whether the things that are being sold in the pawnshop are stolen or genuine. There is certain identity prove that need to be produced before applying for a loan in a pawn shop.

Provide any one of the ID proof

These ID proofs are divided into two parts. It is mandatory for the seller to provide one of the following identities proof:

  • Passport

Passport is the very first and the most important ID proof that one can produce in the pawn Shop. When anything is sold to the Pawnbroker Adelaide, they are required to inform it to the police station. If the pawnbroker has the ID proof of the person, it becomes easy for them as the passport acts as an address proof and tells the pawnbroker about the person’s nationality. If one doesn’t have a passport or their passport is somehow lost, they can produce some other ID poof as well.

  • Second ID proof

Though it is important and much better to provide a passport, yet some people might have some issues related to their passport and might not be able to provide it. It then becomes important for the person who wanted to sell something in the pawn shop to produce some other secondary proof. The second ID proof that can be produced by the seller to the pawnbroker is a driver’s license. The other identity proof that can be produced by the seller at the pawn shops is tertiary education or some other ID proof that contains information of the person with their pictures.

Produce any two of the ID proof

Along with the above ID proof, it is also required to produce two ID proof from the following list:

  • Birth certificate in order to determine the age of the person and other personal information
  • A certificate that proves that the seller is an Australian citizen and not any smuggler
  • Marriage Certificate can also act as a proof of identity


Some Cards are issued by the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Affairs in Australia. That card can also be used as an identity proof.