Life and Safety Plan Management for Condo Buildings

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Fire safety needs to be one of a property management company’s biggest priorities. Here are some things that building managers need to evaluate about their current life and safety plan.

Are Sprinklers Compliant?

Some older buildings may be exempted from having sprinklers throughout every unit and may instead have them only at unit entrances. However, it is imperative to ensure that all sprinklers are fully functional and consistent with local fire inspectors’ requirements. Over time, it is common for sprinklers to get painted over. Painting may impede functionality. Even if a painted sprinkler still works, it likely won’t pass inspection. For help to replace or repair fire sprinklers San Diego CA, reach out to a company that is experienced in working with condo and multi-unit buildings.

Are Extinguisher Tags Current?

You need to verify whether all of the extinguishers in your building still have a charge. Each extinguisher needs a tag indicating when it was last inspected. You should also confirm that you have extinguishers placed in a sufficient number of areas.

Do Door Closers Work Properly?

Being able to keep fires isolated to individual units is a fundamental part of safeguarding a building. Door closers help to prevent flames from entering a hallway, and they protect residents from smoke inhalation. Confirm whether every unit has a working door closer that is installed correctly.

Are Stairwell Doors Compliant?

Stairwell doors also need to have door closers. It is generally safer for them to have lever knobs rather than turn handles knobs so they are easier to operate. Make sure your residents know that they cannot leave stairwell doors propped open for any period of time.

If you have failed a recent inspection or you simply want to assure that your building is as safe as possible, you should take immediate action. Get help to enhance your building’s life and safety plan.