Life Insurance without Exam for Diabetes patients

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Life insurance policies that require you to undergo a medical exam can have your application rejected; you could find a solution through a no exam life insurance policy to help you get the coverage you need.

How Diabetic Life Insurance Works Without Exam

As the name implies, a non-medical life insurance policy will not require the applicant to undergo a medical exam to qualify for coverage. This means that you will not need to submit a blood and urine sample, or meet with a paramedical professional as part of the overall application process.

Because there is no need to wait for the results of the medical exam, the approval process with this type of coverage can also be much faster than with traditional life insurance. Not like steady policies that can sometimes use to take weeks to approve, a life insurance plan without a medical exam can only take some days, or less, to be approved by the insurance company.

This means that coverage will be blocked immediately in most cases.

Diabetic Life Insurance Qualifications

Here is a brief summary of the different health classes and how they relate to people with diabetes.

Preferred Plus – This happens to be the best class you can qualify for. This is reserved for those without health problems. Diabetics cannot qualify for Preferred plus Rates.

Preferred: This health class is usually given to those with very mild health problems, something like controlled cholesterol or high blood pressure. You are definitely have been identified over 60 years old age and have your diabetes under control.

Standard Plus: It is a health class awarded to those with beyond average health. For diabetics, if you’ve been diagnosed over the age of 50 and have everything under control, you could get this health rating as long as there are no other health or lifestyle issues.

Standard – Consider this an average health class, what most of the country qualifies for. If you were diagnosed with diabetes after age 50, you may qualify for this health classification.

Substandard (Table Classification): This group of health classifications ranges from Table 1 (+ 25% of standard rates) to Table 8 (+ 200% of standard rates). It is reserved for those with health complications. Most diabetics fall into the Table 1 – Table 8 health class.

Now that you have all of this information, you need to understand that every business and situation is different. These are standard guidelines, but you may not have a standard application.

Who can apply for lifetime diabetes insurance?

Diabetes has become a more prominent health condition in the United States, the best diabetes insurance companies have well-read to rate diabetics further effectively. This means that life insurance policies that do not necessitate a physical exam are much more forgiving than a few years ago.

You can get a policy approved if it is:

  1. Type 1 diabetic
  2. Type 2 diabetic
  3. 0-89 years
  4. Taking insulin for your diabetes
  5. Take oral diabetes medication

Who meet the requirements for life insurance without a diabetic medical exam?

You might not believe, nearly anyone with diabetes be suitable for some form of life insurance weight limits without a medical exam. However, people who typically buy life insurance without a medical exam tend to fall into one of the following categories: People with “white coat” syndrome who wish to escape the pressure of a medical exam and the anxiety of being pinched.

Or maybe you are a very busy person and can’t make time to schedule an exam, people who need insurance in a hurry for a purpose, such as guaranteeing a loan, meeting a divorce compulsion, and, who only need a small amount of life. Insurance (less than $ 500,000) are prime candidates for a policy that does not require a medical exam.