Why do women love to watch Korean dramas?

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In Korean dramas, whether you are a humble Cinderella who lacks self-confidence, or an older leftover girl with a strong personality over 30, you will meet a “high, rich and handsome” who has a soft spot for you. He will overcome many obstacles with perseverance and courage. Walk together. And, in the process, he completely turned a blind eye to the “white rich beauty” who seemed to be a hundred times more competitive than you.

Why women loves Korean dramas?

If you are a 40-year-old woman who suddenly wants to divorce because of her husband’s affair, then in Chinese TV dramas, you will usually be arranged for a reconciliation ending: for the sake of children and family, it is in line with traditional Chinese values ​​for a wife to forgive her husband. There is a Chinese TV drama that can be regarded as a breakthrough: the divorced policewoman married the prisoner whom she had caught and the prodigal son turned back. However, compared to Korean dramas, this arrangement is too shabby! In Korean dramas, if a woman who divorces and often brings children, she will definitely find a man a hundred times better than her ex-husband. Arranging a romantic sibling love for a 40-something aunt is a classic model of Korean drama.

If you are a woman over the age of 50, in Chinese TV dramas, most of the roles left to you are the mother-in-law who is picky about her daughter-in-law. In Korean dramas, a woman of this age can get pregnant by accident! Confinement with her daughter-in-law, and double care from her husband. Or there are housewives who have worked hard for half their lives, suddenly awakening themselves at this age, successfully seizing power at home, reforming men to do housework collectively, and so on.

In Korean dramas, women with high academic qualifications are admired. A woman who is constantly striving for self-improvement must have a happy ending. Even the heroine who unfortunately has a terminal illness must die in the arms of a beloved man. In many TV dramas depicting modern life in China, women are still just a foil, either being careful, or having menopause, or having long hair and short knowledge. The role of Gao Daquan who is generally mindful of the overall situation, thoughtful and humorous in the drama is often reserved for men. . The vast majority of Korean dramas are based on one or more women. Most of the characters in the play with the most effort, the fullest character, the most vivid image, and the most zeitgeist in the play are women. In contrast, the male characters in Korean dramas are obviously designed in accordance with the “green leaf” standard. They are uniformly handsome, successful, gentle and considerate, and have a refined concept. Their existence is to set off the heroine’s success in life.

Many people have criticized Korean dramas for being out of reality and beautifying the quality of Korean people. However, judging from the situation of a large number of Japanese housewives besieging Bae Yongjoon at the airport, Korean dramas have indeed won the hearts of women from all over the world. It is wise for Korean dramas to lock the market as women: it is obviously housewives who can spend the longest time in front of the TV. Even professional women usually spend much more time ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี than professional men.