Make up and Beauty Course

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I wanted to materialize my long-kept penchant for makeup and beauty. Being a mother of two, scarcity of time all day round never let me sit and properly learn anything. Took some courses here and there before becoming a mother but it was not enough to satiate my appetite. Honestly, I was in the search of more and more through out the years.

Last year my husband had to relocate to Spain, Marbella for work, I couldn’t be more thanhappy as my life in the gulf region was becoming mundane. Discovering Marbella was nothing less than a dream. In that discovery I found my dream Place, the place where I can fulfil my passion; Marbella Event Academy. I started with Makeup& Beauty Artists after my hastened application. There were no delays and the course started right after. My dream of becoming a make up artist was finally coming true.

After my initial training with the best instructors there can be, they started building my portfolio. Taking actual pictures of my work and giving me all sorts of opportunities to Get real-life experience by preparing models for photoshoots or fashion shows organized by this great Academy. Honestly every opportunity was dazzling, and beyond reality for me. I also have to tend to my children from time to time but all of them were really cooperative, my mom duties during this enriching experience were never compromised. Now, after the completion of this course I have flood loads of opportunities because of the international certificate and my portfolio.

The course plan is comprehensive ad includes all the basics, you need not to worry about small items they have it covered for you. At the beginning of the course you will receive your own set of professional cruelty free brushes by Niré Beauty and course material. The plan is quite comprehensive includes Utensils, materials, product awareness, Hygiene and cleaning routines-care, Safety, ergonomics & lighting, Fashion & beauty history, Skin care, Color theory, color analysis, Lighting, lighting facial corrections, contouring, highlight & shading, Shading, blending & application techniques, Precision & symmetry. It is everything you need and Marbella makes it all too beautiful.