The Top Trends This Summer for Men’s Hats

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With summer right around the corner, many men are trying to figure out how they are going to be able to look their best. One way to bring the entire look together is by wearing a hat. Sure, there are lots of men’s hats from which to choose; however, a few popular trends are rising to the surface. Those who are looking to remain up to date on the latest styles and fashion accessories should take note of some of the biggest trends for Spring and Summer 2020!

The Growth of Recycled Materials

During the past few years, there has been a tremendous amount of attention paid to sustainability. This is seen in all industries ranging from interior design to home décor and even in the business world, with companies pumping more money into the environment. The same is true in fashion. Many of the most popular men’s hats today are being made from sustainable materials. This is because they provide assistance to the environment, preventing dyes from contaminating the environment while also recycling used materials. One of the most popular sustainable options includes hats made from hemp. With the rise of CBD, hemp is becoming more popular.

Adding a Social Message

It’s no secret that politics are more polarized today than they ever have been in the past. Many men are looking to become more active in the political sphere. This has led to the rise of political and social messages being included on their hats. With so many people looking to buy hats from companies that align with their values, expect to see more social messages included on hats.

The Old School Hats Are Making a Comeback

Finally, there has been a big retro movement taking place in the fashion industry lately. This includes men’s hats. Some of the most popular styles today include boonies, buckets, and even trucker hats. Some hats are even including leather patches or patches that include nature scenes. Many companies are looking to get on board with this fashion movement which encompasses multiple areas of the industry. Expect to see more throwback looks are the summer wears on.

New Trends in Accessories for Hats This Summer

These are a few of the most popular trends in the world of men’s accessories, including hats. As the summer goes on, many of these trends are going to become more popular. Therefore, men who are looking to complete their looks should be sure to consider these fashions. They are going to play a major role in summer styles as the months continue. Therefore, take a look around at what some of the top brands and companies have to offer!