Mekong delta region is culture center with the famous floating markets.

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Read our guide to understand why mekong delta region with the famous floating markets and more culture of the south of VietNam.

life is most so revolves with water. This vital with rices and fish ; there’s so much more to it than

variety of sweet tropical fruits. The high flood waters bring plenty of fresh seafood. rich soil from the Rivers plains for farming to help local people grow rice field so good.

Thing to do to travel mekong delta

local guide meander you along the river and visit orchards and try the variety of sweet and tropical fruits fresh

If you have Plan on visit somewhere, i advice you visit Can Tho

you can have a day trip available to see picturesque rice field when come Can Tho city- biggest city center and also understand as culture center of mekong delta region.

farming, fishing and tourism. It take 4 hours to come Can Tho from ho chi minh city by bus.

Mekong delta have many access opportunity with incredible cuisine. unique flavours beside

traditional Vietnamese cuisine. In Can Tho city, you can taste many streets cuisine so good.

Meat bread in Can Tho so delicous

Meat bread is so popular in stress Can Tho city because it’s so convenient and has good price.

Delicious snack with meat and vegetable and many flavor : roast;grilled chopped fish;smoked pork;chicken.And it is very different from the hamburger at least in the crispiness of the bread and the richness in the sauce.

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street coffee around ancient market and Ninh Kieu Wharf.

Ninh Kieu wharf are knowed as the area is quite crowded at night. Taste delicous coffee and see streets, people so great.Where have scene so rich and vibrant. Coffee is the delicous best way when use bitter and black. But another choice is milk coffee.So you will like to the taste is the best of coffee in Viet Nam so much.

Ninh Kieu Wharf and trip day to Cai Rang floating markets.

Visit the local floating markets, particularly impressive in Cai Rang, Can Tho city and Cai Be, Tien Giang town.

At Ninh Kieu wharf, many local people invite tourism with their service with a trip to Cai Rang floating markets.

The lowest average price is 20usd/ person. Tourism should bargain before get a good deal.

Taste with Grill meat rolls- Thanh Van

Thanh Van Grill meat rolls is the name that many foreign tourism mention when speak to Can Tho cuisine. This delicous foods mix Ingredients and local spices.special, the success  and local secret saunce decision.

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Visit Binh Thuy ancient house

Here you will admire the old private wartime house with French architecture.

Meet the 5th owner of this old house. You will hear stories about life and people in history.

Here presents very beautiful pictures of the countryside of Vietnam.

Streets of Can Tho for local resident

De Tham street is the popular food street in Can Tho. You can find some fish noodles

broken rice with affordable price. Busy roads or traffic jams, so it’s convenient to go by motorbike or bicycle. This road is not far from the hotel. you can book grab with price is 25.000VND.