An Overview On The Pearl Of The Rhine: Dusseldorf

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Dusseldorf is known as the “Pearl of the Rhine”. It is a metropolis with many diverse faces. Here international market people and sophisticated models stroll through the Ko and Medienhafen districts. Thousands of pupils enjoy learning in the productive atmosphere of the River Rhine and toasting at the longest bar in the world. If there is anything to say about Dusseldorf, it is that it is cosmopolitan and colourful. It is also rich and fashionable. The capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is a city of diversity.

Business in Dusseldorf

  • Dusseldorf is a thriving business centre in the heart of Europe. The city has excellent accessibility thanks to its extensive transport foundation: an intercontinental airport, four Rhine ports for loading and unloading goods (Duisburg, Krefeld, Neuss and Düsseldorf) and various motorways and train stations.
  • Many international organisations have opened their headquarters here. Entrepreneurs of the Far East especially appreciate Ddorf, where more than 10,000 individuals and 400 firms come from Japan alone. Every year on Japan Day, the city honours visitors from the country of Fuji, culminating in the fireworks that almost everyone in Dusseldorf eagerly awaits.
  • Duisburg, Germany’s largest inland harbour with an annual throughput of 110 million tons, can be moved from Dusseldorf in 25 minutes. It has an extensive control centre in Europe for Japan.

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Fashion in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is known not only as a shopping centre but also as a city of fashion in Germany. Its prominence as a consumer haven stretches far beyond its states. Vibrant and creative Dusseldorf is a fashion destination with a wide range of brands you need to know, from knitwear to handbags. Dusseldorf hosts five significant fashion fairs every year, with over 800 fashion galleries and 3,000 fashion labels. In Dusseldorf, appearance is very vital. There is an elegance here that permeates all fashion.

Konigsallee, known as Ko, is Dusseldorf’s main shopping street. Located in the heart of the city, it is the hub of fashionistas and claims every international brand name you can think of, as well as a host of local talent.

Food in Dusseldorf

Food in Dusseldorf is renowned for its variety and sophistication. Although Dusseldorf has some excellent restaurants serving almost every food imaginable, the city’s traditional cuisine is well worth it. Specialities from North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), served with a special Düsseldorf preparation.

  • This remarkably unknown city boasts an incredibly varied and delicious array of restaurants, shops, coffee shops, cafes and culinary workshops. 
  • Dusseldorf has many traditional German meals as well as many restaurants serving several specialities from North Rhine-Westphalia. 
  • Typical Dusseldorf dishes incorporate Himmel and Erde, a dish made with potatoes, black pudding and applesauce, and Reinischer Dobbekooche, a Dusseldorf version of the potato pie.

Tourists, often travelling Europe or even Germany, overlook this quaint town on the banks of the Rhine. However, those who give Dusseldorf a chance, find countless things to love in the city come back repeatedly and again. You can hire an escort service cologne