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We love the idea of having something exclusive, something so personal and unique that no one else in the world has. The way to achieve this is through personalization , which has become a trend in jewelry for this year. If we take a look at the big fashion and jewelry firms, we will realize that most are embracing the trend of custom jewelry, offering ways to personalize different pieces and make them unique. Sets of letters, initials, dates or messages that allow us to extract the essence of special occasions or people in a jewel.

Personalized silver bracelets

Personalized bracelets are a fantastic option to carry the name of those important to us at all times and wear it in an elegant way. Our collection of personalized bracelets has been created with you in mind, so that you can add that personal touch through different engravings on the jewel.

We have at our disposal a wide variety of designs that include animal motifs, hearts and symbols, as well as various materials such as pearls, gold, silver, diamonds and even different combinations.

With a personalized bracelet like this one , we can wear our own name or that of that person so special to us, or if we prefer both names we can choose these other alternatives with the infinity symbol, both in silver and in gilt silver. 

Name Necklace, one of the most wanted personalized jewels

For each of us there are one or more people who are especially important in our hearts. Perhaps it is our partner or perhaps a relative. In any case, we cannot think of a better idea than to incorporate your name into the design of a necklace that you can wear at all times.

We can even wear two different names on the same necklace, such as our name and that of our loved one in order to symbolize that special union, or our name and that of our mother or sister.

In addition, we can choose from a wide variety of designs and combine the beauty of silver or gold with zircons or amethysts. If we are looking for an initial, this 9 carat gold pendant with zircons is a fantastic option.

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Perhaps we prefer to symbolize our union with that loved one and show the world both names. In that case, we can choose an infinity pendant in silver , yellow gold or white gold that contains both names.


As we can see, these messages that in the past used to be hidden on the back of the jewel are now the focus of attention. Personalized jewelry is a fantastic gift to symbolize our union with the important people in our lives.