What should be your B2B growth strategy

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In a Business to Business(B2B) setup, your customer isn’t a person, but another business. Therefore, your growth strategies for a B2B model and a B2C model shouldn’t be the same.

The times have changed, so your customers’ buying journey. Today your potential customers are well aware of their needs and your products. They do a lot of research before landing to your seotastic business.

More than half of your buyers’ make their decisions even before they pick a phone to speak to your sales representative.

Selling was never easy, and it is even more challenging now in the highly competitive and technological advanced economy. Where you can reach your potential customers quickly, they can learn about your weaknesses sooner.

But, you can make the best use of all the technological advancements and put in place some successful B2B growth strategies:

Don’t try to sell but educate your buyers: Your buyers are researching a lot about you and your competitors. Moreover, they are overloaded with a plethora of information online. This is an opportunity to educate and guide them towards their buying decision. Reach them if they are not able to reach you. Make the best use of the online mediums to reach out to them through informative content on social media, emails, websites and other platforms.

Make your sales team your brand ambassador: In a  B2C model, you can heavily advertise through influencers and celebrities. But, in a B2B set up, your success depends on how efficiently your sales representative can handle your customer concerns and queries and pitch your product right. Therefore, invest in their training and development and motivate them to perform better every time.

Take a look at Richard Warke’s net worth, Chairman, Titan Mining Group or Alan Zekelman, Director JMC Steel Group.  Their success is an indication that they have successfully led their B2B business models by applying modern business strategies.  Another reason that Richard Warke’s net worth is substantial is because he has been in the mining industry for over 35 years.

Shift to inbound marketing: Instead of reaching out to your customers, pull them towards your business through inbound marketing strategies. 

The digital transformation has completely changed the marketing rules. Now, you don’t go after your customers; they knock at your door after narrowing down their options. And, this is a good sign for any business. It means that you only have to pitch your customers right to win the deal. 

But, to help your customers reach your website or your sales representative, you need to invest in an efficient inbound marketing strategy. Share useful content with your customers through your website, social media pages, emails and keep a track on their movement to understand if they are interested in you. Generate quality leads and reach out to them with your best offers.

Integrate sales and marketing: Your sales team knows your customers the best, but your marketing team reaches out to them with your products and offers. Therefore, it is crucial to align both functions for designing the best marketing campaigns for your customers. Both the functions must work in coordination towards the common business goals. Your customers will value your business more when your marketing communications and sales actions align together.