Reasons why excavator hire makes sense to construction contractors and builders

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When you’re into a construction business you spend a lot of time with project planning to execution. One part of that planning is acquiring the required type of heavy equipment and machinery. And excavators, without a doubt, are a staple product for any construction company’s fleet.

They not only handle heavy digging and lifting jobs but can undertake a variety of earthmoving and demolition jobs. They are commonly used for material handling, mining, forestry work, landscaping, and site grading.

But besides all the practicability of heavy excavators, a lot of construction companies still prefer an excavator hire. Here’re some reasons why experts recommend choosing this option:


Buying an excavator is not feasible when you already have narrow profit margins. Excavators are expensive and the same stands true for their maintenance. Hiring, on the other side, is economically beneficial especially if you intend to use it for a short time or need it temporarily.

The cost to hire an excavator depends on factors like the size of the excavator, model, location, and duration of use. The cost will vary between different renting agencies depending on their package and offered services. If you hire an excavator from one company and also ask for an operator and necessary accessories; you have a better chance to bargain on the overall price.

The uniqueness of construction projects

There’s no doubt that every construction project is unique in its nature, challenges, timeline, financing, market forces, and client requirements. With such, you need a variety of equipment in your fleet of different sizes and different types.

When it comes to excavators, if you’re good to go with a standard type of 45 metric tons, you may not be able to slip it through residential projects where space is limited. The same stands true for different types of excavators like if you’re working on uneven terrain you’ll prefer a crawler excavator but when you’re in an urban project you need mobility and that is only offered with a tired-mounted excavator. Inputs like bucket capacity, mobility requirements, and access points; all dictate what type of excavator is suitable for a particular project.

Thus, it doesn’t make sense to buy equipment when you’re going to use it once every two years.

Quality & Latest Technology

Hiring an excavator or a subcontractor who specializes in doing earthwork will bring in the benefits of quality and superior workmanship. A subcontractor will offer a wide selection of excavators and most are of the latest technology that will exceed your needs and requirements of your client. Plus, you don’t have to bother with the hassle of machinery maintenance. All you have to do is select the right company with a pool of the latest equipment, and the rest is their responsibility.  

No hassle of storage

When you’re a contractor with a small office, you just can’t afford to spend a hefty investment on warehousing. So, if you want to buy an excavator for a specific project, make sure you have enough funds for storage and maintenance requirements.