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Montenegro is a pretty small country, but that does not mean the country lacks attractions and a beautiful landscape. With the magnificent mountain scenery, plateaus, and coastlines, as well as fjords, it is no surprise that Montenegro is such an interesting place to explore for tourists.

With each part of Montenegro, you get a different culture and lifestyle, which makes it a truly fascinating place for anyone to visit. And if you really want to enjoy the climate, landscape, and culture of the country, then getting some property there might provide you with the most comfort. And if you do want to maximize comfort, then you might have to splash some cash here. There are some pretty expensive places to buy property in Montenegro but these are some of the most expensive

  1. Budva Cliffs to Sveti Stefan

Nothing less than a stretch of gorgeous coastline made up of several beautiful “rich man islands”. This area is probably best known for being the home of Montenegro’s most expensive and exclusive hotel, The Amman Resort Sveti Stefan. There are several less attractive regions around where you can find some affordable accommodation, but most of the properties in this area are quite expensive.

  1. Bijela and Lustica

Throughout Montenegro, or maybe even the whole of Europe, you may not witness as beautiful a view as you would see in the coastline villages of Bijela and Lustica. The villages are made even more beautiful by the wild green vegetation growing around. The atmosphere you would experience here is very relaxing, and the villages have a very charming culture. The great restaurants in the area also add to the overall appeal and add to why buying a house in this area will cost you a fair bit.

  1. Porto Montenegro

A city with an excellent growth story, Porto Montenegro now attracts some of the richest people from around the world to bring their yachts into its ports and live in one of their pricey properties. With the international restaurants and loads of boutiques and malls, this city is certainly an attractive choice for anyone seeking a fun experience in Montenegro.

  1. Ljuta

A small narrow village, Ljuta has served as the main market for wealthy Europeans looking to buy some property in Montenegro. It is reminiscent of villages in Wales. This village is located on a lovely coastal strip that is made up of some very beautiful 12th-century palazzos. The area is extremely exclusive and there is a bunch of rules and regulations governing the people who live here. This village is also regularly referred to as Montenegro’s most romantic city because of Stari Mlini, which is a very romantic restaurant, as well as the fact that so many people get hitched out here in Ljuta. To buy some property here, your wallet needs to be pretty fat though.

  1. Budva

Budva is a huge town, separated into a modern area and an old town. If you want a luxurious and glitzy experience, then the modern region of Budva is a great choice. With some great bars, narrow street shopping, as well as numerous clubs and parties, Budva has a very charming and vibrant atmosphere. The real estate prices are relatively high, but it is what you’d expect from a city with so much to offer.