Robot-Assisted Surgery, The Future Of Knee Replacement Surgery

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With the advancement in technology, medical institutions have also been undergoing several changes. Recently they have introduced robot-assisted knee replacement surgery, a term in that With the help of these patients suffering from osteoarthritis, they can return to their daily lives.

Therefore, once you undergo a robot-assisted joint replacement surgery, the higher the chances of your health recovery. The possibility of medical negligence is also reduced with the help of it. Overall it’s great for patients looking for an effective solution to get back to their life.

Even though a robot-assisted surgery might sound costly, at KMDS Hospital, the cost of it is pretty affordable. At this medical faculty, they make sure to provide their patients with the best of best services at a pocket-friendly price.

Benefits Of Robot-Assisted Surgery

  • With the help of robot-assisted surgery, the doctors carry out the surgery with utmost accuracy.
  • It helps them identify the structure of bones and joints from a three-dimensional point of view.
  • With the aid of the robotic arm, the doctors can reach out to a problematic section of complicated areas conveniently.
  • The patient can recover much faster once they have undergone a robot-assisted surgery.
  • Robot-assisted surgery ensures less blood loss during the surgery. It also reduces the size of your wound.
  • Doctors have recently started using robot-assisted surgery to treat diseases like urinary tat, thoracic, liver, and many more.

Comparison Between Traditional Surgery And Robot-Assisted Surgery

Traditional Procedure

In traditional surgery, the whole procedure is heavily deepened by experienced doctors. There is always a slight chance of human error that might take place. It might, in turn, affect the surgery’s accuracy level.

But on the brighter side, the penitents can return to their normal lifestyle given that they follow some restrictions. But it is only possible when you ensure you are not putting any pressure on the operating area.

Robot-Assisted Procedure

The process becomes much more convenient when you work with robot assistance in the operation theatre. The level of risk is injured in this process, and a higher level of efficiency is achieved. In robot-assisted surgery, the complications are also less than in traditional surgery.

This method is quite adequate, and at the same time, it is quite an affordable option. This operation method is highly recommended for maximum results for people with a hard time conducting day-to-day activities.


Overall a robot-assisted surgery is an excellent option if you are looking for quick and full proven results. It has single-handedly improved the arthroplasty area of medical science. It has also helped the patients recover more quickly compared to other treatment methods. With the help of robot-assisted surgery, the success rate of operations has gone up.

It is always better to consult your family doctor and then go for this treatment. It is good to analyse the pros and cons of it before you go ahead with it. Robot-assisted knee surgery is highly cost-effective.