Top 5 cycle-friendly cities in the world  

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The humble bicycle is one of the best ways to get around a town or city, whether for sightseeing, work or a leisurely ride. Cycles are one of the simplest vehicles that have served humans well over the past hundred years. It is adaptive to the changing times, and many cities worldwide are building infrastructure to make roads more cycle-friendly for their citizens. This non-polluting commuting option is becoming popular amongst the world’s youth; after all, everything about it is sustainable and peaceful. Commuting to work via a cycle is rapidly becoming popular, with some top executives of certain companies ditching their swanky wheels and hopping on the practical two-wheeler. The cycling industry is cognizant of the changes in the world, and with an electric bicycle, there is a further progress in the cycling world. Let’s take a look at some cycle-friendly cities in the world: 

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark: This beautiful city is the capital of Denmark and presents a rich history and culture. Copenhagen was originally a Viking village which later became the capital. This low-lying city is ideal for cycling: the residents or the ‘Copenhageners’ cycle more than 800,000 miles yearly. A series of infrastructural development has made the city even more friendly for cyclists. The city even has bicycle bridges!
  2. Utrecht, Netherlands: A beautiful city. Utrecht is the perfect city for cycling. The city features many structures that go all the way back to the high middle ages. The city has some of the best infrastructures for riding; even the local governance of the city promotes these efforts, with many politicians promoting cycle use and even travelling to cycle themselves. The city is important from a historical standpoint and stood to be a religious centre till the mid-16th century. This beautiful city has a lot to explore, and it’s best done on a cycle. 
  3. Strasbourg, France: One of the most cycle-friendly metropolitans in France, Strasbourg is a beautiful city, the official seat of the European Parliament, and one of the four main capitals of the European Union. The city has a lot of strategies up its sleeve to encourage new riders and modernize the existing route. The city also has cycle highways and intends to experiment with cargo bikes. With all these exciting features, Strasbourg is indeed on its way to becoming a cycle-friendly city. \
  4. Bengaluru, India: Also referred to as the silicon valley of India, Bengaluru is fast becoming one of the best places to cycle. The city is home to the youngsters working at tech startups and retirees. The city is multicultural and houses many religious hotspots as well. Bengaluru is indeed one of the finest cities to cycle around; even the farms in the outskirts provide relief from the hustle-bustle of the city. 
  5. Vienna, Austria: The capital of Austria does not disappoint in its beautiful urban planning. The city is one of the world’s most livable cities, boasts beautiful architecture, and is culturally vibrant. Therefore, Vienna has become one of the most appealing cities for cyclists! The city is always open to innovation and communication and is making strides in cycling infrastructure.

Cycling is slowly becoming the norm for environmentally conscious folks. It’s a beautiful sightseeing a part of the world’s population investing in the future. These cities are a delight to live and cycle in; purchase a beautiful road bike to explore the towns. Ninety One Cycles comes with some of the best road bikes; with options like Tracer R14 700C, you are bound to experience the best of the best!