RSO For Medical Usage: All You Need To Know

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Rick Simpson oil is now widely known and recognized worldwide. But the story behind its invention is quite interesting. Rick Simpson, who was suffering from basal cell carcinoma, a skin disease, experimented with cannabis oil, applied it to the area where the cancerous bumps were visible, and within a few weeks, the lumps disappeared. 

Unfortunately, doctors and scientists completely rejected Simpson’s invention. However, it couldn’t stop Rick. He started spreading out the medical benefits of cannabis oil. The oil was later named after his name, Rick Simpson Oil. 

RSO oil is made of cannabis which is thick and concentrated syrup that can be taken orally or applied topically. It is now well-recognized as reducing cancer symptoms. But you must remember that there are no scientific confirmations regarding the benefits of RSO. However, it is widely known to treat skin cancer symptoms along with some other problems too.

You may search RSO oil for sale near me to find it near you. RSO is relatively easier to make than other preparations of cannabis and easy to apply and take. Also, it is odor-free. However, it is always preferred to consult a doctor before using the RSO oil.

Needless to say that some doctors may not recommend RSO oil to the patients as it is not approved by science. Some doctors do refer to RSO oil as many patients have seen results. RSO oil is taken very slowly and gradually over a certain period to get the best results. Also, a certain amount of oil is to be taken each time.

Fortunately, RSO shows very minor side-effects on the patients. It is quite a harmless product. As the taste of RSO is a bit weird, patients directly swallow it or mix it with food items to take it orally. After having it, the major side-effect that appears is drowsiness. However, it is a very natural thing that speeds the healing process. 

As you increase the dose, the sleepiness will start fading away and daytime laziness will disappear in three to four weeks. Thus the side-effect is negligible.

Besides curing cancer symptoms, RSO is also well-known for treating some other diseases like multiple sclerosis, asthma, high blood pressure, arthritis, inflammation, infections, insomnia, and even depression. 

Though there are still a lot of controversies regarding the usage of RSO, it has cured a lot of people. Thus, choose wisely before searching for “Rso oil for sale near me”.