Facts About Silicone Rubbers

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Silicone rubbers are valued for their extensive usage. They are used for various purposes like O-rings, gaskets, flexible molds, etc. They are also popularly used in surgical implants as they have chemical inertness. Mentioned below are some facts that are both interesting and unique about this particular elastomer.

Why Is It More Expensive Than Other Rubbers?

It is made up of sand and is abundantly available. But the process of turning it into the final product is very expensive. It includes various techniques and also requires precision to gain the best. It is also not used extensively as compared to other rubbers. Though it has various uses, using it can lead to certain pros and cons. For this reason, whatever quantity is available is expensive.

What Temperatures Can It Withstand?

The temperatures that it can withstand are extreme. It can tolerate temperatures as low as -60℃ and as high as 230℃. However, they cannot tolerate these temperatures for very long and have to be controlled in a short time to make their use optimal. Keeping them in perfect temperatures for an appropriate length of time can use maximum utilization of its advantages.

What Is Its Shelf Life?

The shelf life of silicone rubber (ยาง ซิ ลิ โคน,, Which is the term in Thai) depends on the temperature it is kept in. If kept under perfect temperatures, it can sustain for longer periods. Its shelf life reduces if it is kept under extremely high temperatures. Keeping it under optimum temperature is necessary to preserve it for longer times and use it to its full potential. 

Where Is It Frequently Used?

You will be a little surprised to know that it is used in various common places frequently. It is commonly used in electronics, implants, construction, aerospace, marine, white goods, etc. Such uses require huge precision and techniques. Experts are required to perform related tasks. But they are still commonly used and their uses are increasing.

What Makes It A Better Rubber Than Others?

Silicone rubbers have a Si-O bond structure. For this reason, it has many properties that make it better than other rubbers. It is heat resistant, electric insulant, ozone resistant, chemical stable, etc. Not many rubbers possess such properties. This makes it a unique substance and also one of the major reasons for which it is expensive.

Because of its extensive use and various advantages, this particular type of rubber has been making its advent in everyday common uses. Though it requires proper techniques, if used in the right way, it can reap huge benefits for the purpose it is being used for.