Service Licensing and its Consultancy Activities

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The service licence enables the licensee to perform the services listed on the licence within the Free Zone, including staffing, consulting, logistics, courier services, insurance service providers, travel services, tour services, and automobile rentals.

In the majority of states, a consulting firm needs a licence to function lawfully. Potential clients are reassured by a Commercial license that your consulting firm is legitimate. Credibility can draw new clients, which is crucial when your consulting business is just getting started.

In practically every area, UAQ FTZ grants licences to business consultants that offer their clients knowledge on a variety of topics, including but not limited to the following advisory activities:

  • Human resources advisory services
  • Marketing advisory services
  • Consultants for information technology
  • Communications and computer systems Accounting & Bookkeeping Management Consultancies Software Design
  • Project management advisory service
  • Consultants in tourism and recreation
  • Logistics Advisory
  • Interior design advisory service
  • Engineering Consultancies for Mechanical
  • Architectural design advisory service
  • Sports Consulting and Research

For those consultants who work in the educational sector, UAQ FTZ issues licences:

  • Consultations on education
  • Living Coaching
  • Tutoring programmes
  • Management of Educational Facilities
  • Services to Support Education

Media monitoring in the media industry

  • Consultancies for Media Studies
  • TV shows, ads, and other visual materials Production
  • Music Production for Film, TV, and Radio

According to the client’s needs, our sales representative will be able to assist the client in choosing the appropriate consulting activities. The majority of businesses at the incubation stage require advice from professionals in many sectors. Therefore, given the expanding number of firms in the UAE, launching a consulting firm might be a very lucrative venture.

Benefits include the absence of company and personal income taxes and any capital repatriation restrictions. Various visa quotas are offered following the chosen licence packages.

Depending on the client’s business requirements, service licencing packages may contain various types of facilities, such as flex desks, real offices, or warehouses. A No Visa licence package is also offered for persons who don’t need a resident visa. It is possible to incorporate a company online without the client being present.

The holder of an industrial licence is permitted to import raw materials, manufacture, process, assemble, or package the designated goods, and then export the final goods. The IT infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, fabrics & textiles, construction, and food industries are all covered by industrial licences, which are appropriate for both light and heavy businesses.

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