Shade Structures for a Car Wash

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Providing shade and shelter is essential when working outside, especially when detailing or washing vehicles. Having a shade shelter helps guard employees and vehicles from harmful UV rays and keeps your employees cool and comfortable. This, in turn, leads to fewer breaks and longer employee retention. Moreover, having shade lessens water spots and streaks when drying off vehicles.

Car wash shade structures can be tension fabric shade canopies, shade sails, or awnings. They cover car wash tunnels, car vacuum stations, automotive detailing centers, and customer waiting areas. A permanent shade canopy prevents water spots by keeping the automobile cool before being wiped dry.

Car wash shade sails also provide a lounge space for customers to hang out in while waiting for their clean vehicle. To produce remarkable results for your customers, your employees need to be kept cool, especially when cleaning the inside of a vehicle where it can become hot very quickly.

At, the design and manufacture of shade structures with these benefits:

A custom car wash canopy that can attract drive-by traffic while supporting branding and marketing efforts.

Car shade structures that can shade vehicles and guests during post-wash services.

Car wash canopy structures that can shade cars while drying in the parking lot.

Structures that offer shade for customers and employees in detailing areas and vacuum bays.

Shade structures that enhance customer comfort and the experience.

Structures that reduce glare and direct sun contact at a car wash.

Shade Pro’s fabric canopy solutions provide sun and hail protection structures while enhancing the appearance of any outdoor area. Shade structures are used to cover a horde of overexposed outdoor areas that require shade and UV protection from the sun.

Innovative Shade and Awnings. Whether you need shade for an existing car wash or shade structures for a new car wash, shade structures will give an exciting, vibrant appeal to any car wash. Lively, outstanding colors in thrilling designs will uplift and upgrade your car wash producing a visual delight on any street corner.

Benefits of Car Wash Shade. The UV protection it will give your customers and staff will increase vacuum pump use, thus increasing your revenues exponentially.

Types of Car Wash Shade Sails. Choose from plank models or single post umbrellas over vacuum pump areas, and your customers will appreciate it.

The extra car wash facilities you offer. These will retain your customers and charm new ones too. Increase your car wash services with a face-lift and see your business grow.

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