Significance of having Fire Watch Security Guards in Houston

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For workplaces, whether a construction location, office building, facility, or manufacturing unit, there are legitimate and moral compulsions to do those work and visit the place are sufficiently safeguarded in case of a fire break out.

While setting up automated fire machines is mandatory in major locations, there are situations when their use may not be possible or render sufficient security. You may need the services of trained fire watch security guards. Together an alarm system and a fire watch guard can offer the best safety levels.

Why should you hire fire watch security guards?

  • Temporary fire watch security guards in Houston

According to some conditions, it may be necessary to hire a fire watch security guard in Houston for a temporary time to ensure all fire risks are covered. Some instances are:

  • A construction location
  • Places with no fire alarm system or inoperable fire alarm systems
  • Areas where water system has been shut off for maintenance or repair
  • Areas where fire systems such as sprinklers are inoperable
  • If the fire alarm system has malfunctioned
  • Areas with temporary chemical storage, flammable items, and toxic waste
  • Permanent fire watch security guards in Houston

A business unit or industry with fire hazards should have a robust automated fire system and a fire watch security guard. According to the state’s law, it may be mandatory to do so.

Some sectors like manufacturing often create a continuous prospective fire danger, especially when flammable objects are involved. Under such a situation, full-time fire watch guards offer an extra layer of safety along with sprinklers, fire alarm systems, and other services.

Duties of a fire watch security guard in Houston

Fire watch security guard in Houston are skilled and well-trained professionals who are under the duty to proactively function if a fire breaks out and also ensure that minimum damage occurs.

Some of the roles these professionals perform are:

  • Ensuring all the regional and local regulations are followed regarding toxic materials and waste.
  • Regular checking of the fire safety tools
  • Doing periodic patrols and recording in an approved log
  • Make sure all fire exits, passages, egress are open.
  • Reporting all fire safety concerns immediately and ensuring the right measures are taken to address the problem
  • Offering efficient communication and evacuation process
  • Ringing the alarm and offering instant evacuation if a fire takes place

Who needs to hire fire watch guards?

Some of the industries that can benefit from the services of a fire watch security guard in Houston are office buildings, construction sites, pharmaceutical units, shopping malls, schools and healthcare centers, industrial facilities, and concert venues.

Hire a fire watch security guard to meet all your safety needs

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