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azurite slab is always with a uniqueness that always makes places they are found most especially the kitchen and dining room a cynosure of all eyes and also you should know that azurites materials use is not limited only to interior use it is also useful for external use, azurites are usually in colorful blue and cream colors. Azurite materials are not limited to countertops but they are also used for floor finishing and backsplashes. There is a secret you should know about azurite and that is the fact that it is made from polished granites from Italy. Like many of the countertop materials, azurite helps to add value to a building inwards and outwards, for countertops or floor finishing made by azurite with blue color, there is always a similarity in appearance with blue diamonds, this means that having countertops or furniture that is made with azurites could be mistaken for been encrusted with blue diamonds because of its color and glow, so imagine having a slab or any form of countertops that looks as if it was calved out of diamonds, I guess it will be so pleasing to your eyes, won’t it?

 Things to know about azurite, azurite compared to marble countertops is easier to clean and requires a little continuous maintenance meaning that you can have your azurite countertops and floor finishing intact for a very long time if you continue observing some maintenance cultures that are not so demanding. Wipe and scrub off dirt immediately, whenever you are using any countertop made by azurite especially azurite slabs, ensure that you scrub off and wash off dirt immediately they come in contact with your countertop this, will make your countertop last longer than it is expected as wiping dirt off immediately won’t make it have permanent stains which may not be removable after hours.

Get placemats, if you know you are going to be eating or doing anything that is capable of spilling oil or anything that can stain your azurite countertops, please ensure that you use placemats at the areas you know might be affected, with this you can be assured that you might not need to start running helter-skelter to get your surface clean later. Avoid cutting directly on your azurite slabs or countertops especially when your knife is extremely sharp, cutting directly on your slab or countertop might cause your countertop surface to have marks and draw disfiguring lines on them