Some important shopping tips for Antique Art Collectors

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It requires extra-ordinary skills to master the art of vintage collection. You need to cultivate experience and skills by research, interest, patience and love for this filed. Your eyes must have that glare that can easily recognize the quality and beauty.

Having antique collections is a passion for many art lovers. Many new collectors find it hard to select an antique to start their collection. It takes a lot of time to learn about the best and unique antiques. Antiques are often traded at specialized antique and collectible shops. You can explore and purchase valuable antiques from antique dealers, auction services, or online websites.

How to find the best treasure? For that you don’t need any particular degree to be an antique collector. Passion and dedication is the key to start anything. If you have a great passion for collectibles, stay determined to find best art pieces.

In this article, you can get a guide related to buying several antique movables, arts, and much more. No matter whatever business or job you are pursuing, expert guidance is always necessary.

So bookmark this page to have reference next time, when you shop!

Wooden Furniture

Most of the new collectors get fooled by the shopkeepers and end up buying new art-pieces instead of vintage. By inspecting the hardware deeply, you can prevent yourself from getting fooled.

While exploring, pay close attention t its nails, polish: shinier nails reflects recent constructions.An antique always has some dust and dirt around the pulls. If an antique doesn’t have any dust on the strengths, it means you are getting cheated by the shopkeeper. Checking every component of the antique certainly helps you to know about its history. While checking the labels or signature of a particular antique, your hands can also get dirty.


Dying technique, style, colour, fabric, and pattern: Many factors can affect the cost of vintage rug but one feature that can help you in finding the best quality of rug is its knot count. Tighter knots mean rigidness and higher quality. Flip a rug and judge from the back by counting knots per square inch. Don’t worry about imperfections- Vintage rug is not likely to be perfect. There can be uneven piling, wear and tear and discoloration. It will add vintage look to your art-piece.


Prints are composts of tiny dots, strokes or shapes. Before buying art pieces, consider it’s originality as whether it’s original artwork or mimic of painter’s brushstrokes.

Before spending too much money, collect all the necessary information about the art pieces from the dealer. If the dealer cannot provide you with correct information, it means he is not selling you an antique piece.

Frame of art piece can give you an idea of its age. Vintage wooden frame can be stained or patchy. For gold colour frames, look needs to be bronze style. You can also cross-check by checking labels on the backside and quic online search can help you to find original story behind that artwork.


Chandeliers and candelabra have remained popular for the past decade. They are considered always fashionable and best vintage collection. They can make your vintage collection more classy and happening. Check the crystal-cut of chandeliers before buying; it will help you find fine and classy art piece. The more precise cuts on glass, higher the quality of chandeliers it will be. For getting best vintage chandeliers, you need to find an antique dealer who deals with chandeliers only from last many years.

Antique clocks

Antique clocks look simply stunning as an addition to your collection. Doing proper research about the clock before buying helps you to get the original item.

Vintage old style clocks are heavy in weight and have beautiful carved designs on it.

To find its originality, check its shine, polish and needles; rusty metal will determine its antiqueness and add class to your piece.

Avoid buying antiques in poor condition. It considerably decreases the value of the antiques.

You can become a successful vintage antique collector by exploring more and more. Many people look for antiques or collectibles as a hobby, but they seldom buy anything. They appreciate taking a gander at what various spaces of the nation have to bring to the table. As well as being productive, it tends to be loads of fun and an agreeable interest to look through old-fashioned stores and antique objects. It takes some time for you to get skilled in identifying antique items. No matter, whatever happens, keep working hard and love the work you do.