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Love and wedding seem to be the same phrases. Organizing a lavish wedding in romantic candle-lit surroundings and beautiful decoration will make your special moments unforgettable.

A bride and groom beautifully dressed up in supreme style designed wedding outfits and clicking photos at beautiful beaches or underneath world-famous monuments is like a dream of every wedding couple.

The atmosphere and location set the ambiance and tone for the whole evening and helps it in making it perfect and romantic. Every minor decision related to a wedding event plays a very crucial role in making your D’ day a big day of your life.

Planning a wedding is not just like that- Choose the destination, catch a plane, and get married the next day. Everything needs to be perfectly planned, booked, and organized a month before the wedding day. A perfect wedding needs perfect planning.

If you are looking for some tips to organize your destination wedding then this blog post is for you.

Here are some graceful tips to add outstanding charm and touch of class to your special day.

The Decorations

Most important part of every wedding decoration is colorful flowers but along with flowers, there must be something unique. You can ask your wedding planner to incorporate some of the love elements for example dim-light heart-shaped lamps, Bicycles on the walls, attractive screens with a lovely message, cute couple images hanging all around, and many more. Think out of the box and decorate the wedding venue to organize your dream wedding in a unique style.

The Outfit

A wedding dress most often needs to reflect elegance and simplicity. You can choose your outfit depending on the location where you are getting married or according to your rituals. Nowadays, classy dresses extended to floor length with a broad border for brides are in trend and for grooms, elegant macho look outfits are being preferred. The theme or color of the Bride and Groom’s outfit needs to be matched.

If you are getting married in Provence and want to wear some outfit related to their French culture then hiring professional designers is highly recommended.

The Cake

Cake cutting has become an important tradition in weddings nowadays. It embarks good luck and a good future for the newly married couple. It is believed that it brings good luck to whoever eats it. Cut the amazingly beautiful and tasty cake to add positivity and happiness to your event.

The Space

Most of the couple prefers outdoor events like ceremony, party, dinner, reception. But before making this decision you have to keep few things in mind- Is the garden sufficient large to accommodate your guests list without any rush and Is there any backup plan if the weather on the day of the event ditched you.

Additionally in the open event- you have to arrange a spacious seated dinner and extra space to set up the dance floor and DJ. For all these arrangements to be done perfectly and without any hassle, you need to hire a luxury wedding planner. 

The Comfort

Comfort is a major requirement of the wedding couple as well as guests. You need to have emergency plans for your guests as they will come far for your wedding. The additional toilet services so that there must be sufficient toilets for the number of guests.

Additionally, you also need to be very careful while choosing the menu, as every guest will have different eating priorities. Guests can be vegan, non-vegan, kids, old-aged, etc.

Moreover, every guest must have complete information of venue address, event timings, the theme of the event, etc, and hire private vehicles for your guests, if they need to go somewhere in the case of emergence.