Sumo Entertainment JD3 Summarizes Six Music Genres Based on Six Situations in your Life

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Music is known to make you cry; it is also known for its healing properties. Music can make you smile even in the worst situations of your life; it can also make you miss someone and break you down within a few seconds. Music is not just about a couple of instruments tossed into good lyrics and voice; it is about emotions and feelings. That’s why even an instrumental music touches your heart, despite no lyrics or words used to express emotions.

Sumo Entertainment JD3 has researched on the topic of what kind of music people prefer listening to, depending upon different situations in their life. The team has found six music genres that prefer people listening to based on six different situations in their life:

  1. Blues for the ‘Broken Hearted’: It’s not that you go through a broken heart only when you have been hurt by a partner you were romantically involved with; sometimes, your other loved ones can hurt you too. This is when Blues can make you cry and you can finally release all the pain you have always stored in your heart. 
  2. Rap for the ones with a ‘Traumatic Childhood’: If you have had a bad childhood, there are rap songs that you can relate to. There are rappers who have written and sung songs on child abuse, divorce of parents, violence, etc. 
  3. Classical for those who miss their ‘Youth’: If you miss being in the old days of your life, Classical music can remind you of the time you spent with your parents or grandparents.
  4. New Age for the ‘Yoga’ doers: New Age music is created for Yoga, meditation and even REIKI healing.
  5. Heavy Metal for the Hardwork ‘Gym’ goers: Well, if you are not into Yoga, there’s no problem at all. If you like hitting the gym every single day, heavy metal songs can motivate you to lose more calories and add more muscles to your body.
  6. Broadway for the ‘Creative’ minds: This is the kind of genre that reminds you of various theatrical performances. With the help of Broadway music, you can improve your concentration power. People paint, write and even study, listening to this genre of music.

Thanks to www.sumoentertainment.net people are now able to contribute to the world of music as artists, rappers, instrumentalists, lyricists, etc.