Why Does One Convert PDF Into Word?

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A PDF file and a Word file are the two major components of the corporate world. Both are very important to contain all the desired text, images, animations, HD graphics, etc., that a person wants in a file. They can be used for different purposes, such as presenting ideas in front of the clients or making a rough document to forward to a senior and have them edit it.

While some of the work in the corporate sector requires a person to maintain PDF files, some require Word files. There are pros and cons of both of them. In this article, we are going to look at some of the points about why and when a person converts a PDF to Word file.

A Word File can be edited easily

A PDF file is mostly understood by people as a read-only file. It is made on such a platform where it serves the purpose of content delivery. A PDF file is mainly used for letting people know about the content that you are willing to show.

It is not for those people who prepare the document and pass it on to their seniors so that they can proofread and edit PDF according to their needs. This is a major drawback that people face while using a PDF file.

This is the reason due to which people convert a PDF file into a Word file. A Word file can be edited just by opening it in MS Word. After editing, it can be saved as a Word document as well as in PDF format. Thus, converting a PDF file into a Word file enables the recipient to make the required changes in the document.

PDF can only be accessed through PDF readers

One of the major reasons due to which people tend to convert PDF files into Word files is that PDF files can only be viewed in PDF or Adobe Reader. If your computer, laptop, or even your phone is unable to access Adobe Reader or does not have access to it, then you will not be able to open or read a PDF file.

After you convert a PDF file into a Word document, it can be easily accessed and even edited by anyone on any platform. Thus, if you want the recipient to get easy access to the content that you are sending to him or her without an Adobe Reader, the format of that content should be a Word file.

Presence of screen reading in Word format

Screen reading is part of the Braille system that enables blind people to get access to the content that is being sent to them. Android phones have the TalkBack feature that enables the recipient to hear the content that is present on the screen of their android phone.

In many cases, the content of PDF is not accessible to such features as screen reading, which makes it difficult for disabled people to understand what is written in the PDF file.

On the other hand, a Word document has easy access to screen reading. Also, with features such as TalkBack, people with blindness can understand what is being sent to them and the contents that are present in the Word file.