Teach your dog the “SIT’ command

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Hyper energetic puppy is fun to play with but it gets very difficult to discipline them. To indoctrinate discipline you have to teach them some commands. One such important command is the sit command. This is a basic and simple command which you can teach in just a few days. Some breed of dogs are more intelligent than other and they can be taught this command easily but patience is the key to teach your dog keep in mind that it will take time but at the end of the day it will be fruitful and your dog will remember this for the rest of his life. Training your dog also help to prosper your relationship and connection with your dog. This guide will help you to teach your dog fit command easily.

Select the right training Ground

Always select an indoor location for the teaching rather than an outdoor location like a ground or backyard. There will not be any distractions like other animals and your puppy will not start running and playing, also so keep other distractions such as toys for anything that might distract your dog away while training them. This will help your puppy to concentrate more and they will be focused while learning.

Positively reinforce their right behaviour. 


Always keep healthy treats handy while training your doggo. You can use small pieces of apple, beans, or chicken. Always remember to use small portions of these treats as you will need a good amount of treats. 

Positively reinforcing right and correct behaviour while training ensures quick learning that lasts longer.

The steps through the steps to train

1 Show your dog that you are holding a treat in your hand.

2 While keeping the treat close to him, move it from its nose to his ear.

3 To keep up a firm look your dog will rest its hips on the ground.

4 When your dog sits, appreciate him with a positive comment and give him the treat.

5 Repeat this procedure several times in every session.

6 Now you will have to add the cue word that is the word ‘sit’ while holding the treat in your hand, take your dog name and say the cue words.

Revise Regularly

 The best way to have impactful training is the revision sessions. Try to take revision of your dog in various environments other than the teaching ground. Don’t push your dog to sit as this can hurt him. If the dog is not obeying to sit, take a round around him and try again.