Teenagers are Dominating the World of Tennis at US Open

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For many sports fans, tennis is perhaps one of the most viewed sports for most people who are into racket games. Like with people who live to analyze footballtheir entire lives, tennis has the same passionate fans that know every little detail there is to know about the sport.

The 2021 US Open

It’s hard not to talk about one of the sport’s most prestigious competitions when tennis is being brought into the conversation. The US Open is arguably the grandest of all tennis events in the world. For many sports betting fans of tennis, this is the grand slam they always look forward to every year.

The 141st edition of the US Open may have everyone’s eyes on Novak Djokovic, one thing that many people seem to miss out on is the fact that there are teens that have been making a name for themselves this year’s grand tennis competition.

Here are three of the youngest tennis players that have caught the attention of many social media fans and several of ข่าววันนี้outlets in the 2021 US Open Tennis Championships.

Emma Raducanu

This 18-year-old tennis player from Great Britain is ranked 150 with a projected ranking of 100 after the third-round win. According to her, some of the most influential people in her career are SimonaHalep and Li Na. For her, she wanted to become as athletic as them and become better as a good base player that can also give powerful strokes.

When asked, they are her tennis idols with the best mentality and they’re both setting a good example of what a tennis player should be like. Other than Halep and Li Na, it’s her parents that also inspire her to do better and always have a hard-working attitude in every game.

In fact, her parents are the ones who have given her the best piece of advice she ever received in her entire life, saying that they’ve always reminded her of the right discipline and respect towards other people.

Apart from playing tennis, her hobbies include motocross and go-karting. Even before she even became a successful tennis player, she started motocross at a very young age.

Carlos Alcaraz

Another 18-year-old tennis player has also caught the attention of many people. Carlos Alcarez is amongst the top55 players in the world and is projected to take the 50th rank spot after the third-round win. The Spanish tennis player is a huge fan of Rafael Nadal.

For Carlos, one of the most memorable moments in his career was when he got the chance to spend his birthday playing against Nadal at the Madrid Open very recently. That moment was one of the highlights that made him realize that he has finally made it into the biz.

Apart from playing tennis, Alcaraz admits that he is also a fan of playing golf. Whenever he’s not in practice, this tennis superstar from Spain loves spending his time playing golf.

Leylah Fernandez

Leylah Fernandez just turned 19 last 5th of September. This Canadian tennis superstar is ranked 73rd overall and is expected to get the 52nd spot after the third-round win. For Leylah, one of her biggest inspirations is Justin Henin, describing the Belgian tennis player as a role model for her.

She’s also a huge fan of Venus Williams and Serena and she even got the opportunity to talk to them in person. She describes them as very kind and supportive. Just like Emma Raducanu, Leylah also received the best piece of advice from her parents.

When not playing tennis, she usually spends watching flicks with her whole family, specifically action and comedy films.