Tips for Choosing the Right Lawyer

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If you have ever prepared for a legal battle, you know the challenge of finding a great lawyer. You may even feel intimidated by the process. However, hiring a lawyer is a commercial transaction, and just like any major purchase, it requires a bit of research. These are a few tips for finding the right legal representation Evansville IN.

Prepare Your Case Information

Attorneys have different fields and specializations, so your first step should be writing a detailed description of your legal issue. Organize and label any paperwork or information that applies to your case so it is easy to review. Then, write down your expectations of a legal professional and any questions you need to ask your prospects.

Conduct Some Research

Now that you know the type of lawyer you need, conduct some research. First, find the lawyers in the area that specialize in your type of case. You can narrow down your search by asking for referrals from anyone you know who has gone through a similar issue.

Thoroughly review each firm’s website, and contact the Better Business Bureau and your state bar association to determine whether the attorneys’ have outstanding claims and if their licenses are in good standing. Check online reviews, but understand that some clients will write a bad review even if the lawyer did an excellent job on their case. Review these cases carefully to ensure you have all the details.

Call for a Free Consultation

During your consultation, present your case, goals and paperwork to the attorneys. Most reputable lawyers can do a quick evaluation of your case. They will discuss your chances of winning and what information you may need to make your case stronger.

You should also ask about their areas of expertise, probable cost, communication preferences and timelines and whether they have the time and resources to take your case. Ask for references, and be sure to check them. Evaluate whether you feel comfortable with the attorney.

Don’t choose a lawyer based solely on price, but choose your representation based on their experience with your case type, their availability and preparation and how you felt during the consultation.