5 Effects of Drug Addicts on Children

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There are close ties between the dynamics of family and drug addiction. As much as all family members feel the pinch and effects of addiction in different ways, children are most affected. Children of addicted parents experience the impacts of drug use and addiction every day, making them vulnerable and in need of help. Here are the effects of addiction on children of addicted parents.

Mental Health Problems

The innocence and vulnerability of children make them victims of drug abuse and addiction. This is because of their parents, who, when under the influence of substances, tend to talk or act in manners that can lead to mental disturbance. With the constant chaos experienced in a home with addicted parents, it becomes difficult for a child to have and enjoy normal and proper mental and emotional growth. Most children with addicted parents tend to be angry, anxious, afraid, and lonely. There is also a sense of guilt, helplessness, and poor self-image among these children. Chances of such children developing behavioral disorders that can affect their relationships and interactions with their peers and other people in the community are higher.

Physical Health Problems

Children with a parent or parents identified with drug and substance-use disorders have increased chances of developing physical health problems. This is because of the limited child health maintenance services that their parents provide. There is also limited time and concern from their parents about their physical health and wellbeing. With parents spending most of their time abusing time, taking care of their physical health needs becomes a challenge. This also makes them susceptible and vulnerable to other problems as they are not fed well and cared for. It is also easier for such children to develop malnutrition and other eating disorders. 

Creates Difficulties at School

The likelihood of children with addicted parents having lower concentration levels and reduced performance at school is much higher. With the emotional and psychological stress, fears, and lack of sleep that these children experience at home, their performances at school are also reduced. Children of addicted parents tend to develop reservations and loneliness, making it hard to create friendships and develop productive relationships with their peers at school. There is also limited interaction with their teachers, making it hard to get help and effective intervention. With the difficulties at school, these children also find it hard to focus and work towards achieving their dreams.

Emotional Issues

A child should grow up knowing the essence and relevance of love, care, and attention. This is how they develop productive emotional traits that make it easier to interact and relate with other people in the community. This is, however, hard for children who always see their parents arguing and fighting due to drug abuse. In most cases, they receive harassment, beatings, and scolding from their parents, especially when under the influence of drugs. When children experience physical and emotional struggles with their parents or receive preferential treatment, they also develop emotional issues. This can also breed a case of violence as they see this as a means to handling misunderstandings and conflicts as shown by their parents. 

Increased Risk of Engaging in Drug Abuse

There is a higher likelihood for children of addicted parents to engage in drug abuse early. The exposure they have from their parents can influence this decision. There are some cases where parents force their children to join them and use drugs. It is only through effective mitigation measures that the likelihood and risk of children using drugs reduce. Here, https://www.ascendantny.com/, you will learn about the impact addicted parents have on their children and the effective preventive measures to consider.

The effects of addiction are widespread, and the immediate family feels them the most. The case is worse if a family with children and whose parents are addicts. As highlighted above, the effects of drug abuse impact children mostly and in various ways. For this reason, finding ways to fight drug abuse and addiction is important as it helps both parents and children.