Top 4 Reasons Why eco-friendly Gift Baskets Are Gaining More Prominence than Ordinary Gifting

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Who doesn’t like gifts! Almost every occasion in every religion ends with a gifting ceremony. There are platforms such as Zero Waste eco friendly gift basket to make your gifting a very special one.

There are reasons attached as follows to why gifting should be eco-friendly:

  1. Biodegradable And Recyclable Products

Gone are the times when companies paid a heed to the environment. The government and other NGOs are taking strict actions against companies that do not adhere to the environmental norms and regulations. Good companies automatically take steps to use biodegradable gift products by using organic ingredients and minimizing the waste.

Hence eco-friendly gift baskets made by such companies cross boundaries and reach millions of customers.

  1. Cutting Short Transportation Process

Initially, many trucks and vehicles were used by the companies to export their products. This added up more the pollution levels in the atmosphere. Nowadays, larger manufacturing units have sister companies associated with the production and selling process. It means the production and distribution areas are scattered and each sister unit covers a certain customer zone. This reduces carbon emissions through transport by reducing the distance covered.

Hence, the final product is termed eco-friendly.

  1. Consider Water Shortage

The ecologists have already estimated excessive shortage of water in the near future. There are tons and gallons of water used every year by the cosmetic and food industry. The government has now restricted the use of water by such industries and asked them to keep a regular check by limiting its use. These companies are also asked to use alternatives to water and most of the companies are doing it already.

Use of organic components such as aloe vera extract, palm oil, seaweed oil, hyaluronic acid and fruits byproducts are used as alternatives to water. These alternatives help sustain the moisture level in cosmetics.

  1. Say No To Plastic

Companies are taking steps to follow the ‘Say No To Plastic’ rule imposed by the government. Plastic is the only material that has a much longer durability and it does not get decomposed. Plastic dump is adding more to the existing levels of water pollution thereby killing the marine life and quality of water.

Companies such as Zero Waste eco friendly gift basket believe in taking drastic steps by using biodegradable packing materials and non-synthetic and mixed materials in the process of making and packaging. Bamboo and Jute are two best alternatives to plastic used by companies.