Top 6 Study Apps For The Students

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With the advent of smart phones and devices available at your fingertips, academic indeed has succumbed a new revolution of its true kind. From incurring a proficient time management skills to indulging in more efficient study experience, a few apps are extremely beneficial for students all over the world.

The advancement of technology has propagated a new means of life, and even in the realm of studies. Today, it is a lot easier to get lost in ideas and notes while being on the go. Hence, the importance of the apps is materialized in ways more than one. This is why we have amalgamated a few of the best study applications for students. Let us explore the top 6:

Top 6 study apps for students:

  1. iStudiez:

The application has ranked its way to being one of the best in the realm of acadmeic studies and can efficiently track your progress throughout the semester. By helping you stay updated with the performance of the semester, you can envisage towards staying abreast with the latest advancements and performance of your academic life. The application helps to minimize cramming while helping you manage the time a lot more efficiently. You can input the names of professors along with contact information, homework assignments along with enrolling prioritization of commitments. Furthermore, you can sync the app on all of the devices, irrespective of the operating system.

  1. Memrise

Another popular study app, Memrise has been co-founded by an eminent World Memory Championship competitor. It helps to create several visual mnemonics for everything that includes foreign language vocabulary right until the periodic table. It offers a step-by-step guidance of the academic process and the ways in which classroom studies become a lot easier. The application is a free one and is available across several operating systems, including Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

  1. StudyBlue

The application is a flash card sharing app that is typically targeted at both high school and college students. It allows users to upload several study materials, make electronic flashcards for improved studying experience. It furthermore helps you to share with others while practising quizzes. It can be browsed for free and students do not need to pay a single penny to make most use of the application. StudyBlue is further available on Android and iOS while offers the flexibility for users to explore the app to the utmost.

  1. Quizlet

Another prominent app of the present times, Quizlet lets you create your very own digital flash cards. Similar to StudyBlue, it works on the mechanism of study cards; however it lets you add images, videos along with other reviewing methods. Furthermore, users can also avail an access to a myriad of other flashcards as done by other students of colleges and high school. The app can be used on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Access Quizlet for free and can be accessed only on web browser. You can opt for a Plagiarism Checker online to check your assignment in school before submitting.

  1. Exam Countdown

Did you ever mark your exam days on the calendar and have been apprehensive about the entire countdown procedure? Well, as every other thing, countdown too is getting digitalized. Furthermore, if procrastination has been your thing, it can be quite a demon to beat! This is when apps as these offer a breath of relief. You can easy colour-code examinations, subjects and term papers while turning the countdown timer for days and even minutes. It is indeed one of the best ways to start your countdown and keep efficient tracking of exam and homework dates. The free app can be accessed on both iOS and Android operating systems for users to explore.

  1. Cold Turkey

The innovative study app not only offers streamlined academic provisions, but also helps you to block selected sites for an extended time period. The platform can be used to stay ashtray from distractions online, such as social media platforms. Additionally, you can also prepare a whitelist that allows you to visit several selected platforms. Furthermore, you do not even need to cheat as there is simply no specific way to turn off the timer and hence it is indeed a modern day blessing in disguise. The app is again another free app, exclusively for students and is available on all operating devices such as iOS, Android and Windows.

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