Visit these museums if you want to explore Zacatecas city in Mexico

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Often marked by the tourists as “the city of museums”, Zacatecas has several museums at her display. If you are one of those, who want to explore more about the heritage, culture and history of Zacatecas, you must not forget to visit these below museums. Apart from museums, if you are wondering what to do in zacatecas city, be sure that it will not disappoint you.

Zacatecas is recognized for rolling mills, being one of the main economic activities in the region. Due to its delicate conservation, the impeccable cleanliness perceptible in every corner, its architectural richness in the historic center and the exhaustive care of temples and monuments, it was listed as a World Heritage Site since 1993. From historical cathedral and the cable car to modern architecture and natutal landscapes: there are several fun things to do in zacatecas.

Pedro Coronel Museum –

This building housed in the seventeenth century the main college of the Jesuit religious order, which after a successful restoration managed to preserve its original structure. It has given shelter to an extensive collection donated by the Zacatecan artist Pedro Coronel. On the ground floor there is a library with more than twenty thousand books, with editions dating from the 16th century.

Rafael Coronel Museum –

What we can find in this magnificent museum is related to the Franciscan Convent, which we could describe as a witness of time. The artist Rafael Coronel donated a collection of more than five thousand masks, among other objects that worthily represent Mexican popular art. Some of these masks were made in the 18th and 19th centuries, and their distribution in the museum is according to their expression and use, as some were part of dances and rituals.

Zacatecano Museum –

It is a small museum with samples of Huichol art. It is made up of more than 150 pieces embroidered by hand, highlighting a colorful 7.2 m2 mural made with more than two million beads, as well as a collection of altarpieces from different religious centers and belonging to different periods. The museum also exhibits a sample of Mexican blacksmithing from the 16th and 17th centuries, and a collection of wall photos by Jalisco photographer Juan Víctor Arauz.






Manuel Felguerez Museum –

It is located in the building that was the headquarters of the Conciliar Seminary of La Purisima de Zacatecas in the 19th century. A remodeling was carried out in which the architecture of the building was perfectly combined with modern elements, creating a museum space of incomparable originality. It is a museum of abstract art created by the Zacatecan artist Manuel Felguerez, where a large part of his works are displayed. As well as those of more than 120 Mexican artists.

Francisco Goitia Museum –

Francisco Goitia Museum was the first museum in Zacatecas. It is located in a unique building surrounded by beautiful and extensive gardens, built by the Spanish architect Maximo de la Pedraja, at the request of the then State Governor, Leobardo Reynoso, to serve as the official residence of the governors. Now it is a museum that exhibits a large selection of contemporary art works by renowned Zacatecas artists, such as Julio Ruelas, Manuel Felguerez, Francisco Goitia, Pedro Coronel, Jose Kuri, and Rafael Coronel.

Toma de Zacatecas Museum –

This museum is located on the Cerro de la Bufa and inside it houses innumerable pieces used in the Mexican Revolution. The museum was inaugurated in order to commemorate 70 years of the battle of “La Toma de Zacatecas” and represents a graphic sample of what happened during that time in the city. They are exhibited from copies of newspapers and photographs of the time, to shotguns and long-range cannons.

In short, visiting all these museums to explore Mexico’s history and culture is definitely one of the best things to do in zacatecas.