Want To Become A Pro At IG Stories

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Instagram is a very happening application. All the youngsters are globally connected via the app. It was surprising for a lot of people. Even seemed misleading for the elders. Many banned their kids from indulging in this social media.

But like every other application, there is always hidden goodness in it. One such goodness of Instagram is the 24 hours stories. The view instagram stories anonymously, short for Instagram stories, have helped many connect across the globe. Especially during the pandemic.

What Makes An IG Story?

Anything. Anything can make a story on Instagram. There are no restrictions on what goes into your stories. But it does depend on the account holder. As an account holder, who do you want this information to reach? Only if you are fine with your followers seeing your stories should you post them.

Interestingly, it has a 24 restriction i.e., the stories disappear after 24 hours from the time of posting them. So your stories would only be visible for 24 hours, still giving you privacy after this limited time. whatever you want to post within this period, you are free to post them.

How Is There Goodness In This?

Stories are the fastest way to reach information to a person. Even if you can post it and it would last longer, stories are the easiest way to catch a person’s attention. Especially during the pandemic, the feature has helped many from awareness of vaccine drives to finding available hospitals bed for the affected.

Even pre-pandemic, the feature was helpful. From the adoption of lost or newborn pets to finding a tutor for themselves, the stories have given a helping hand to many. Even if the 24 hours restriction is there, this helped in taking down older information and having the latest and most relevant news in the spotlight.

How To Make An IG Story Interesting?

This question could make it into the Guinness Book Of World Records for the number of times it has been asked. . And one of the most relevant answers is grabbing the right audience with the right content. If you are looking for the ones who would give you information on vaccines, you would search for the most relevant accounts. Similarly, if you only wanted to have a fun time on the app, you would have different accounts for that.

So depending on your content, you can make a story interesting. But, interestingly, the fastest way to reach the audience is through memes or jokes. Make sure they are colourful. Since humans are visual people, it is crucial to have eye-catching colours rather than dull ones. The colour is what makes a person stay and know more about the story.

Often enough we come across long IG stories that turn out to be irrelevant at the end. So another useful tip would be to keep the stories short and to the point. You can always add more details through a post or DM the interested people personally.

Titling the story ahead also helps. If you give a bold capitalized title right at the top centre, it is quite hard to miss out. Make sure the title is catchy though. Otherwise, the entire effort is in vain.