Planning for a tour to the top attractions in Paris? Follow the list below!

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The capital city of France, Paris, is a dream destination for every traveller. Paris sets the trend for fashion, culture, food and entertainment that the world follows. Besides, in every corner of this city, you will also find popular attraction spots that are worth visiting. I visited Paris last year with my family, and I must admit that it was an experience that I will truly treasure forever. The glam of the city, the lighting and the atmosphere, everything was phenomenal that made our trip worthwhile. Therefore, if you are planning for a tour to Paris, then you can follow our travel guide that will help you to plan your trip. But before that, get your flight booking from reputed travel agencies done and then make arrangements for your voyage.

Eiffel Tower

The first spot to check out in Paris is the famous Eiffel Tower. This phenomenal tower of height 1063 feet, was constructed by Gustave Effiel to honour the centenary celebration of the French Revolution. This tower can be seen from different parts of the city but you must visit this place in person to get a top-notch view of Paris. You will find a couple of restaurants and an ice skating rink on the first two floors of the tower. This place is generally crowded during the peak season to get a captivating glimpse of the city from the summit of the tower. Besides the picturesque view from the top, you will also get to see the office of Gustave Effiel. Here’s an advice: Do not miss the charming night view of the tower when thousands of sparkling lights make the Eiffel tower look unique.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Your Paris trip would be incomplete if you do not visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, a piece of architecture par excellence. The cathedral was built during the Middle Ages and represents the Gothic style of architecture. The picturesque Seine River flows calmly beside this medieval cathedral. The entrance of the church will greet you with some spectacularly carved statues on your visit. You will be captivated by the awe-inspiring high-rise ceilings and coloured glass windows inside the place. You can also venture into the underneath chamber of the church to view the remains of the clergy who were buried there. I strongly suggest that you climb up to the summit of the church and witness the breathtaking view of the sprawling Paris city from this great height. I can promise that you will love it.

Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum was opened to the public in 1793 and it showcases more than 30,000 works of art. Some of the masterpieces here include Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Monalisa”, the Greek statue, “Venus of Milo” and Michelangelo’s “Dying Slave.” This museum also offers a spectacle of the grand Egyptian collection of mummies, European portraits from the middle ages to the mid-19th era and rooms decorated with elegant furniture, exquisite articles and draperies. This museum is located in the Louvre, formerly a citadel, built in the late 12th century. You can get a view of the remains of the fortress in the basement of the museum.

Versailles Palace

This palace is one of the largest palaces in the world consisting of 700 rooms. The mammoth structure is elegant, luxurious and magnificent. You will be fascinated by the abundance of dramatic frescos, brilliant chandeliers and gold statuettes throughout the chateau (castle of a manor in French). It served as a hunting lodge for king Philip II but later it was expanded into a gigantic palace that is visited by millions today. Besides the Royal Opera House, another major attraction of this palace is the Hall of Mirrors. You can buy a ticket to explore parts of the 2300-room castle that includes the Royal Chapel and the King’s private apartments. If you want to have comprehensive knowledge about the palace, you can hire a guide who will enrich you with the history of the palace and also save your time. There is also the option for guided bike tours that you can choose to complete visiting the whole mansion in a day.

When it comes to Paris, the list shall go on for it is never short of heavenly splendour. But the ones mentioned above will surely give you a glimpse of the best of Paris’s culture, heritage and all the hype it boasts. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a tour to Paris and satiate your desire to explore this surreal city and get souvenirs from the ‘Queen of Fashion’ city on your way back home.