Want to buy rubies? Read these fun facts about Ruby before buying one

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Rubies have been a part of the luxury jewel charts since ages. They are one of the most regal jewels in the world of gemstones. A ruby is extravagantly beautiful in a crimson shade of red. The birthstone of July, rubies are more difficult to excavate than diamonds. Thus, the bigger the ruby in size, the higher is its price.

If you are planning to invest in a ruby necklace, then read this article to understand the gem better.

Ruby is the closest to its relative gem sapphire, which is a type of corundum mineral that is generally grey in colour. The gemstone corundum in red colour is called Ruby. Corundum in any other colour like orange, brown, yellow, green, blue, violet, purple, black or even colourless ones come under the category of sapphires.

‘A deep drop of the heart’s blood of mother earth’

This is how the ancient Eastern legends describe Ruby as they believed that the gemstone contained the spark of life. Not only that, but they also called it ‘glowing stone’ or ‘the lamp stone’ because of its self-illuminating feature. It was also believed that rubies guard against negative thoughts and brings good health to the one who adorns this gem. Read on to know more about this illuminating gem.

Here are some fascinating facts about ruby-

  1. The red hue of rubies is derived from traces of the mineral chromium. Rubies are found in shades of red, ranging from rich darker red to pigeon blood red and pinkish red.
  1. Ruby derived its name from the Latin word “rubens” which means red.
  1. The finest rubies are those with the richest shade of red colour with only a hint of blue tones.
  1. Until 19th Century, Red spinels, Black prince’s ruby, and Timur ruby were all mistaken as rubies.
  2. Rubies come at higher prices compared to diamonds of the same weight and quality even though they are usually flawed.
  1. Rubies are linked with ideas depicting vibrancy of life due to its vivacious red hue. This gemstone is used to symbolise the passion of love.
  1. Almost all the natural rubies are treated in order to improve their colour and strengthen them.
  1. Some of the famous types of rubies are the Edwardes Ruby, Rosser Reeves Star Ruby, and the De Long Star Ruby.
  1. You can find references to rubies four different times in the Bible. The Bible associates it with beauty and wisdom.
  1. Rubies are majorly found in Thailand along with other countries like Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and India.
  1. Hindus call ruby as ‘the king of precious stones’ because it is more precious than any other gem.

This time when you buy a ruby necklace, don’t just buy it, rather own it by knowing all its facts.