Want to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

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While there is no sure way to find out other than a confession or flagrante delicto, there are a few ways to know if it’s likely that he or she is doing it.

Let’s define deception first: Deception is someone who is in an exclusive relationship and at the same time is secretly involved in a romantic relationship with another person.

The computer: an ally and an enemy at the same time

A computer or tablet can be a tool for an unfaithful person, but can also act as a double agent in that it can also be used to catch a person who is breaking the law. There is software to collect, record and report activity on a computer. This software, called a keylogger, can be found on the internet. You can visit https://meterpreter.org/how-to-monitor-boyfriends-text-messages-from-my-phone/ to know how you can really do.

A word of warning though:

If the computer is not yours, you are not allowed to do so and most people would consider spying on someone’s computer to be a privacy breach of private life. It could even break the law if it is not your computer or device.

You risk driving your boyfriend or girlfriend away by spying on them and searching them. Before you even think about checking her computer usage, you should be sure of her infidelity based on some other clues. Otherwise, you would risk falling into the same trap as this young woman mistakenly believing her husband to be overextended in bed with his mistress (it was actually a doll):

  • Again, if you don’t own the computer or device, you are not allowed to and shouldn’t.

At the office

  • If your partner comes home later than usual and gets angry when you ask them why, there’s probably a problem.
  • Look for new employees at work and, if they are of the opposite sex, ask your spouse if they have been hired recently.

Using the phone

He turns off his cell phone when he is with you or when he leaves the room, for example to go shopping. He may even get angry if you answer his phone for him or if you touch him without his consent.

If you live together or share bills, you might want to check the phone bill to see which numbers are called most often. Often, these “fraudulent” calls take place in the morning or evening during your spouse’s work and his or her car (or metro) trips.

The good news about a cell phone bill is that some ISPs list all the calls made during the billing cycle (this can be requested from your cell phone provider).

Most infidels consider a cell phone a necessity because it allows them to make calls in the car and outside the house. But if they don’t have one, you could buy them one. To be able to follow their calls remotely! Take for example the care of installing a phone with the software installed in it, you will know who is calling and you will know the written conversations and the GPS locations of your target at all times.