What are the Benefits of Cloud Hosting for eCommerce Websites?

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Choosing the right web hosting service is important for the success of any site. When it comes to e-commerce platforms, this becomes more crucial since users enter their financial details and purchase goods/services. If the site performs below expectations, has frequent downtimes, regular security issues, or takes a long time to load, then users might not feel comfortable buying from it and opt for a competitor’s platform.

While there are many web hosting services available, Cloud Hosting has evolved as a preferred service by most e-commerce websites. Today, we will share some prominent benefits offered by Cloud Web Hosting services that make them perfect for e-commerce platforms.

Before we look at benefits, let’s understand what Cloud Hosting is.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting solutions host your site data across a network of multiple servers. Your data resides on these servers and leverages the benefits of cloud storage. Here are some benefits offered by Cloud Hosting services that make them ideal for e-commerce sites:

1. Efficient management of traffic spikes

A traffic spike is a sudden increase in the number of users visiting your site. There can be many reasons behind this sudden activity. With social media platforms, one post going viral can attract thousands of people to your site in no time. Also, if a keyword starts trending that is related to the products sold on your e-commerce platform, then search engines can start forwarding thousands of people to your site too. Hence, as a site owner, it is important to be prepared to manage such spikes without letting your site’s performance get impacted. This is highly important for e-commerce platforms since selling products requires trust and a site that doesn’t perform up to the expectations of users loses their trust.

With Cloud Hosting, traffic spike management is easy and efficient since most providers offer instant scalability of resources. Hence, you can add server space, bandwidth, processing power, etc., with the click of a button to have adequate resources to manage higher traffic.

2. Data redundancy & Security

As an e-commerce platform, you collect sensitive information like the user’s name, address, contact number, credit card details, etc. Therefore, security needs to be your topmost priority. While all hosting services and providers do their best to offer maximum security to your site, the architecture of Cloud Hosting allows the providers to offer a more secure environment. Apart from using the latest security tools, data mirroring helps create redundancy for your site’s data allowing you to offer uninterrupted services to your site visitors.

3. Value for Money

The online space is highly competitive. As an e-commerce platform, you have to compete against other online sellers as well as offline stores. Hence, product pricing is essential to your success. This is directly impacted by the cost of doing business which includes the price of the web hosting service. Most hosting plans have an annual validity, post which you have to pay the charges again. Therefore, it is important to choose a plan that offers the maximum bang for your buck. While Cloud Hosting is not the cheapest, it offers one of the best value for your money compared to other hosting plans. This is primarily due to its cost-scalability feature where you start with minimum resources and scale up as the site traffic increases.

4. Page Loading Speed

An e-commerce website is required to load multiple products on one page. The image of each product needs to have a good resolution on different screen sizes. This means heavier images and bigger page sizes. If you don’t pay attention to the page loading time, then visitors might start abandoning your website if it takes too long to load. With Cloud Hosting, your site’s data is mirrored across the cloud network. This allows the server closest to the user to process the request reducing latency. Also, most providers use caching servers and CDNs or Content Delivery Networks to boost the page loading time by up to 1000x!

You can also check out the following video that highlights top 4 benefits of Cloud Hosting for e-commerce websites:

Summing Up

As you can see, Cloud Hosting services offer features that are perfect for an e-commerce platform. However, it is important to remember that each site is different and has specific hosting requirements. Hence, spend some time understanding what your site needs and choose the best Cloud Hosting service for your site. Good Luck!