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Most important:

Condos are a common housing aspect in Canada and people would like to live in condos for various reasons. But to begin with how are you to determine whether it is actually a condo or not since the definition is different for different people. A small change in the design might put the house ifn a different variety and not a condo and in such situations it becomes important to get the condo certified so that the buyer and the seller are on the same page about what the definition of their house is. People who want to invest in real estate or property have become quite aware of the system and what happens in the real estate market. They want to buy property that is cheaper which they can complete to their own taste. The aspect that fits the bill is the pre construction procedure or buying a condo at the preconstruction stage. This will save them enough and more money than they expected and use it to furnish and decorate the condo according to their needs.

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How it works:

  • The certificate is issued by the authorities who are approved by the government and they can certify only those properties that come under the classification of a condo.
  • When people want to buy the property at the beginning of construction or even at on paper stage what the intent of the owner can be studied so that you are in fact buying a condo and not any other type of a house.
  • The condo would be building should have all the important information on property so that it becomes easy for the investor to understand easily.
  • The location, the price, the surroundings, the geographical features of the area and whether it is in the town or in the country side also can be determined.
  • This also gives an idea about how to proceed with the building of the house once the status has been fixed according to the planning authorities.
  • The condo prior to the building will cost much lower and this is yet another major reason why they can be so cheaper.
  •  The arranging the interior also can be done by the buyer and thus it is a good option for people who are creative enough to buy a condo at the pre construction stage.