What Is Exactly A CNC Machine Centre?

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The world of mechanical engineering runs around CNC machines. This machinery is responsible for performing several tasks that are required in the manufacturing of a tool or goods such as frames, covers, partitions, gearbox, etc.

The CNC machining center is an advanced-manufacturing machine that introduces process automation in the CNC machine. The CNC machine performs the different operation, which includes drilling, milling, and other lathe operations. All thee operation is performed with high precision, high quality and high finish.

However, before the introduction of the machine tool center, the production process is divided into different parts, stages, and operations. That increases production time. However, the machining center overcomes this problem as now the machining center can perform various tasks automatically.

What Is The Purpose Of The Machine Center?

Increasing efficiency is the main purpose of the CNC machining center. For a manufacturing company reducing the production time along with maintaining quality, is of great significance. The following mechanism allows the machining center to perform tasks with high precision while reducing the time of the process.

  • ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)
  • Feedback System
  • Re-Circulating Ball Screw And Nut
  • CNC Servo System
  • APC (Automatic Pallet Changer)

What Are The Different Types Of Machine Centre?

Machine center can be classified into three categories based on their configuration:

  • Horizontal Machine Center
  • Vertical Machine Centers
  • Universal Machining Centers
  • Horizontal Machining Center

In the horizontal configuration, the machining center places the spindle at the horizontal position. The tools are mounted on the spindle, and ATC is responsible for changing the tool during the process. The ATC is like a magazine that carries multiple tools during the process, which reduces the time of loading and unloading a tool. To reduce the production time, even more, the machining center uses another facility known as an APC (automatic pallet changer).

Vertical Machining Center

The vertical machine centers are a lot different from the horizontal machine center. Firstly, the vertical machine center has about three axes. The spindle can be rotated on one of these axes. Due to three axes, the vertical center can do multiple jobs in a single setup. However, vertical machine centers are more suited for the mold processing industry. Here are different types of vertical machine centers you can find for your factory.

  • Walking Column
  • Gantry Structures
  • Multi-Spindles

Universal Machine Center

The universals machine center is similar to the horizontal machine center up to some extent. The Universal machine center spindle shaft can be placed at the horizontal position but can continuously be tilted to vertical positions during the operation.