What To Know About Guardian Fall Protection

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Know About Guardian Fall Protection

Guardian fall protection is a reliable product that is crucial when it comes to personal safety on-site. Your trusted body harness allows you to work safely at heights and over the sides of ledges, giving you the confidence and comfort you need to focus on the task at hand without distraction. Used in a number of industries and situations, these trusted pieces of equipment offer a lifesaving grip that secures the workers to the anchored top point.  These devices as a whole are made up of a number of components that work together to ensure your safety at work. These elements are anchorage, body support, connecting devices and descent tools. These form an integral system of checks that ensure the lives of anyone working at a great height. Here is what you need to know about them.


Anchors, the connecting points of an attachment, are also used to support loads and provide assurance against unwanted dropping from the setup. The type of anchors to use would depend upon the type of industry and installation, the job requirements, and the available structure. There are improved versions that must carry a designated amount far exceeding that of their load capacity, as well as factory guided options that will have a weight rating that must be around twice the load it is expected to carry. 

Body Support

This component includes a full-body harness and in a sense makes up the most important part of the fall protection system as it holds you safely in place. The harnesses provide a safety factor that is able to distribute the load over the entire body without constricting any major arteries or causing issues after time. It allows for balanced support and a sturdy structure to allow for ideal stability while completing tasks in these high up settings. The chest, shoulders, thighs and pelvis take the load equally. Body support also includes a connecting point often referred to as the dorsal D-Ring, attached to the connecting device.

Connecting Devices

The main purpose of a connecting device is to connect the body support to the anchor point with the right elements that can handle the force. It secures you to the line and allows you to actively protect yourself while up in the air.  This component includes self-retracting lifelines and shock-absorbing lanyards. If someone were to fall while working, this device would engage a break that would slow the descent, if not stop it altogether, allowing the worker to regain control.

When you understand the importance of guardian fall protection you can see why it is such a valuable investment for your workers. As a reliable name in the safety industry, these products are able to stand up to the job at hand and keep your employees protected at all times. Contact us today to find out more about these designs.